Meet Vincent and Briana from Season 12 of Married at First Sight
Married at First Sight,  Season 12

Married at First Sight Season 12 ~ Vincent and Briana

Married at First Sight is back with Season 12, Wednesdays on Lifetime. One couple to say, “I do” to marrying a stranger is Vincent and Briana.

Vincent (28) is an auto broker. He’s looking for someone to share his life with and be a teammate through both the highs and lows in life.

This ambitious and hardworking entrepreneur was ready for marriage in a past relationship, but his partner was not. Despite his heartbreak, he hasn’t let go of the dream of happily ever after.

Vincent doesn’t hold back when it comes to his feelings. He’s kind, openly affectionate, and admits to being a good listener.

Having an absent father while growing up has driven him to want to be the best provider and dad he can be. He embraces his Dominican culture, loves music, and is ready to find his salsa partner for life.

Briana (28) is an engineer that likes structure. She’s very serious when it comes to her job, but also admits to being a goofy, ball of energy.

The season 12 bride is a slow starter who doesn’t open up or show affection easily in relationships. While this could be cause for concern in a fast-paced social experiment, the slower approach has led to success for couples like Doug & Jamie, (Season 1) Jephte & Shawniece, (Season 6) and Miles & Karen (Season 11).

Briana is ready to find her soulmate. With a man hand-picked specifically for her, she wants to start the next chapter of her life, share experiences, and build an empire.

She loves that the MAFS experts match candidates with a partner who is not only compatible but also someone who shares the same core values. Briana is devoted to the experiment and is ready to give it her all.

The overarching concern for this couple seems to be whether Briana will open up and let Vincent in. As a strong and direct personality, will she be too overpowering for Vincent’s kind and patient nature?

My early prediction is that this couple will start slow and steady, but in the end, they’ll win the race.


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