Married at First Sight Season 12 Jacob and Haley
Married at First Sight,  Season 12

Married at First Sight Season 12 ~ Jacob and Haley

This season of Married at First Sight will bring several firsts that reflect the demographic of singles searching for love. One of those firsts is the oldest groom in 12 seasons to marry a stranger.

Jacob (38) is a senior IT programmer and a fan of 80’s nerd pop culture. He’s devoted to his three dogs, loves to take on home improvement projects and has an optimistic outlook on life.

Although Jacob wasn’t ready to commit in his 20’s, he’s spent the past five years putting all his cards on the table for dating, to no avail. He wants children but knows that he’s not getting any younger.

The computer specialist is looking for a partner that is willing to communicate and is committed to working through challenges.

Jacob already believes that arranged marriages are typically more successful than traditional ones. He loves the idea of working with experts who have the same goal in mind.

Haley (28) is a sales representative who owns her own home. She loves her dog Sophie and is supported by a huge network of close friends.

Her last long-term relationship ended at 21, so she is more than ready for the experts’ help to find a loyal and trustworthy partner.

Haley admittedly has trust issues and would benefit from the help provided in the Married At First Sight process. She thinks that having professional guidance in those early crucial weeks of marriage will enable her to break down her walls in order to find happiness and longevity in her marriage.

The ten year age difference between the couple could be an area of concern. In addition, Jacob is really looking for someone he can compromise with and Haley is used to doing what she wants, when she wants. Will her passion for friends and travel conflict with his somewhat recluse lifestyle?

I share Jacob’s optimistic outlook and predict with mutual effort and help from the experts, they can make this work.


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