"It’s Very Hard to be Affectionate With Someone Who is Constantly Belittling My Ideas, Opinions, and Thoughts on Camera" [Exclusive Interview]
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Married at First Sight’s Olivia Cornu, “It’s Very Hard to be Affectionate With Someone Who is Constantly Belittling My Ideas, Opinions, and Thoughts on Camera” [Exclusive Interview]

On Season 11 of Married at First Sight, Olivia Cornu, 30, and Brett Lindsey, 35, decided to call it quits on Recommitment Day.

In a sneak peek of tonight’s episode on TV Insider, Olivia admits the whole process didn’t go the way she had planned when she told friends and family she was marrying a stranger. Having been a big fan of the show, she had “high hopes of success”.

However, the 30-year-old nurse practitioner also stated she is open to having a conversation with Brett, should he want to get back together on Decision Day.

In a previous interview with RealiTVwithBee, Olivia revealed that great communication is key to a successful relationship.

To read part one of my interview with Olivia, click here.

We ended the interview with her thoughts on how the pandemic affected her relationship with Brett. There’s much more on that topic, including her trip home. Let’s continue right where we left off.

It sounds like going home to check on your family was the breaking point in your relationship. Can you explain why you felt the need to go during a shelter-in-place due to COVID 19?

Put yourself in my shoes for this question. You start the year 2020 marrying a stranger, go on a lavish honeymoon, move into an apartment with someone you barely know and then BAM, a global pandemic happens and is very present in your city.

I worked day-in and day-out. I was under extreme stress as were all healthcare workers. I was also having my life filmed and trying to make a difficult marriage work with someone I had known for a few weeks. There was never any alone time.

I discussed the struggles I was having in my marriage with my parents. [They] lived a few hours away in my hometown that had not been affected by COVID.

I am someone who talks to my mom daily. Sometimes you just need your mom, her comfort and advice. I was at a breaking point in my marriage and I needed just a day or two to take the drive and clear my head.

Why did you go if Brett was not in favor of it?

Brett never told ME he was uncomfortable about me traveling. He did tell me he didn’t think it was a good idea to drive through the state. However, I was alone in my car and didn’t get out until I reached my parent’s house. I never left or interacted with anyone other than my parents. We kept our distance and respected social distancing in their home.

When did you find out that Brett was upset you went?

It was not until I returned home and he was gone that I found out from someone else that he was uncomfortable with it. This goes back to my thoughts on [how] communication is key in a marriage. 

Share your thoughts on the disconnect between Brett moving a few things back home and him moving out completely.

Brett’s original plan was to move out the weekend after he actually did. He told me that he was going to move Tyrion home as he was going to start working from home. He said we would sit down and have a conversation about our marriage when I returned that evening from my parent’s. 

What happened to change that plan?

I received a text saying, ‘Be honest, do you really think this marriage will work’?

To my surprise, Brett moved out completely. He said he’s not coming back to the apartment to talk about our marriage and how we move forward. It was very disheartening. 

Your Recommitment Day conversation with Dr. Pepper revealed that the moments of attraction you felt for Brett had faded. Can you pinpoint a time when that started? 

I cannot pinpoint a specific time in which my attraction for Brett began to suffer. 

Share some insight on what specifically caused that to happen for you.

The constant sarcasm and not taking our marriage seriously wears on you after a while. Also hearing comments from Brett that made me feel as though he was not in this marriage/experiment for the right reasons really concerned me.   

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Brett told Pastor Cal he was compromising on everything and you weren’t compromising at all. Give us your lens on that. 

There wasn’t much compromise early on. I can’t think of one thing he compromised with for us. It was video games, video games and well, video games. 

Explain the ways you feel you compromised in the relationship.

I tried to engage with him to have the conversations we needed to have to try to get to know each other more, to take our relationship to another level. I didn’t get much. I ended up reading a book or going to bed.

I did, however, agree to move into his house after filming was over. 

One thing you agreed to work on is being more physically affectionate with Brett, which didn’t happen. Share with us your barrier to meeting his need for physical touch. 

In some relationships, being affectionate is easy. Meeting a stranger and trying to take things slow and not rush the intimacy is hard to balance.

It’s very hard to be affectionate with someone who is constantly belittling my ideas, opinions, and thoughts on camera.

The process is expedited but some of us move slower than others. We did have our moments of affection, but our relationship is far from rainbows and butterflies. 

You asked Brett if he felt there was a way to turn things around. At that time, did you believe it was still a possibility?

At the end of the day, he and I are married and I take that very seriously. 

I think if Brett had actually opened up and truly showed who he was, the process [thus far] would not have been so difficult.

At one point, he had made it clear that I was not the spouse he wanted nor that he asked for. You’ll have to see how things pan out. 

Finally, what is the personal growth you experienced from MAFS?

Personal growth is important to me and I try to look on the bright side of things. 

The greatest lesson in all of this is how truly necessary GOOD communication is; physical communication, emotional communication and the importance of little day to day conversations.


To read part one of my interview with Olivia, click here.

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