Married at First Sight's Miles Williams Reveals, "It Took Time For Me to Get Comfortable Being Unapologetically Honest and Raw With Karen" [Exclusive Interview]
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Married at First Sight’s Miles Williams Reveals, “It Took Time For Me to Get Comfortable Being Unapologetically Honest and Raw With Karen” [Exclusive Interview]

When 26-year-old, Miles Williams, married 30-year-old Karen Landry in the Lifetime reality series, Married at First Sight, his hope was to have the loving relationship modeled by his grandparents. To say this journey has been a challenge for Miles is an understatement.

Fans have rallied around the elementary school administrator, who quickly became a cast favorite because of his exceptional communication skills, open and kind spirit, and passion for life.

In the sincere way we’ve all grown to admire, Miles opened up to RealiTVwithBee about his initial thoughts on Karen, his diagnosis of clinical depression, and why he was willing to concede his needs in this relationship.

Let’s start by talking about your first impression of Karen. Share your gut reaction when she started crying during your vows. 

I could tell she was really nervous when we were at the altar and I felt similarly. I couldn’t tell if my words were that good or if she was just overwhelmed. It seemed like the latter, but I lied to myself to make it through that moment.

In your first conversation, Karen revealed #textgate. Looking back on it now, what impact did that have on your marriage?

Honestly, I don’t think it had a serious impact at all. There were certainly some preconceived notions about who I am. But it seemed to come down to she had not dated someone who was as well-known and outgoing as I am. Knowing Karen, I’m sure that was an adjustment.

Did you realize she had preconceived ideas that you were too public and emotionally expressive?

The ‘too public and emotionally expressive’ stuff was unclear to me, and that was probably for the best.

You revealed pretty early on your diagnosis of clinical depression. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable about an important topic. Can you share your thoughts on that?

Thank you. It was very important to me to be as open about myself as possible throughout the process, to be able to discern if Karen was going to be the person I could share the rest of my life with.

Did you ever feel unsupported in your marriage regarding your depression?

Karen was open and supportive of my mental health journey from the second I shared it with her. I will always be grateful for her empathy and understanding. 

Is this something you were openly discussing with Karen, especially during your stay-at-home time?

We had many discussions about mental health throughout the process and it truly strengthened our connection. Hopefully, me being open about it was able to help other folks be able to have the necessary conversations about mental health and wellness.

Your desire to be a positive role model is admirable. Now let’s get your lens on another important topic.

Karen asked you in multiple conversations to be open and raw with her. She wanted to see how you dealt with frustration and anger, which are vital components to a successful marriage. Was there a barrier to you revealing those sides to her?

It certainly took some time for me to get to a place where I felt comfortable being unapologetically honest and raw with my emotions with Karen. I struggled to find the fine line between being patient and understanding and telling her what I truly felt.

Looking back on it, things happened the way they needed to, and I am grateful we got to a place where I could unapologetically be myself with her.

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Dr. Viviana suggested taking sex off the table to allow Karen to become more comfortable with physical touch. At first, you didn’t appear to be in favor of it. Explain the initial reaction we saw.

I honestly was confused in that entire conversation. I didn’t even think sex was on the table, so taking it off confused me! [laughs]

I didn’t have a problem making that decision. From day one, I wanted to make sure she felt comfortable and whatever it took for that to happen I was willing to do.

Can you expound further on why you agreed to that when it’s clearly something important to you?

Glad to dive a little deeper. For Karen to be physically and emotionally intimate with me, it required her to see me fully. I didn’t do a good job early on of expressing when I was frustrated or angry with her, in fear that she would not be able to handle it.

Luckily, we got to a place before Recommitment [Day] where I was able to verbalize everything that I felt. It was a turning point for us.

What is your response to viewers who have said that you are too needy, desperate for love, or not confident in who you are? 

I try extremely hard not to let those comments get to me, but I’m human and it gets to me in moments.

I would just say that they need to get to know me…follow me on social media or have a conversation with me and you’ll see pretty quickly that’s not the person I am. If you ask Karen or anyone I’ve dated in the past, nobody would describe me those ways.

You seem to be a popular guy with no lack of serious relationships (ten…Ha!). Why get “Married at First Sight”?

I did not need to be on this show at all, but knew that it could get me what I wanted easily, which was a seriously compatible partner [that] I could spend the rest of my life with. I’m sure finding that person will not be difficult if Karen or I say “no” on Decision Day.

I would say that’s definitely true, based on social media comments! Let’s move on to Recommitment Day.

From the lens of Dr. Pepper, the relationship seems to be all about Karen’s needs. Why are you willing to concede your needs with no verbal or physical affirmation that she cares about you or wants to be in this relationship?

Affection and intimacy is one of those things you can’t force on either end. Karen could not force herself to be affectionate just because I wanted it and I wasn’t going to force Karen to do or be anything that she was not comfortable with.

But from day one, there was always a connection there. It may not have been as clear on camera, but Karen was feeling ‘the kid’. I knew that and she knew that. It was just a matter of figuring out if this could work long-term or not. 


There’s so much more to come with Miles. In my next interview, we’ll address the issue of “masculinity”, how the pandemic affected his relationship with Karen, and what it was like to go through this unique experience with his best friend, Woody.


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