Married at First Sight Miles Williams Shares What it Would Take For Him to Say 'Yes' on Decision Day
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Married at First Sight Miles Williams Shares What it Would Take For Him to Say ‘Yes’ on Decision Day [Exclusive Interview]

Tonight on the Season 11 Finale of Lifetime’s hit reality show, Married at First Sight, we find out the fate of the ten singles that agreed to meet and marry a stranger.

Of the five couples that will decide whether to stay married or get a divorce, perhaps the most unpredictable is Miles Williams, 26, and Karen Landry, 30.

Miles and Karen had viewers on a roller coaster of ups and downs all season long. They had a difficult time communicating, breaking down barriers and building trust, yet undeniably, there was something between them that kept fans hopeful.

Miles opened up to RealiTVwithBee with his initial thoughts on Karen, his diagnosis of clinical depression, and why he was willing to concede his needs in this relationship in Part 1 of the interview.

In Part 2, we’ll talk about the pandemic, his lens on masculinity, and what it would take for him to say, “yes” on Decision Day.

Let’s start by talking about Recommitment Day.

You revealed to Pastor Cal that you hoped stay-at-home orders would bring you closer to your wife, but it seemed like the opposite happened. Share the impact the pandemic had on your relationship and why you grew more distant as a couple. 

The pandemic was tough for everyone around the world. A newly married couple trying to figure out if they want to stay married or not under those conditions is even tougher. I think we definitely had tough moments during that time but wouldn’t necessarily say it made us more distant.

The necessary moments and conversations took place for us to decide whether or not we want to be together. I’m grateful we were able to build a friendship during that time.

A topic that came up with both Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper on Recommitment Day was Karen repeatedly questioning your masculinity. Expound on the effect that had on your marriage and your ability to feel safe in who you are.

The masculinity conversation is one that definitely put a bad taste in my mouth. I was pissed. Especially because I pride myself in displaying a healthy form of masculinity; one that is strong and confident, but also vulnerable and open.

I am really proud of the man that I have become and grateful for the men and women that have helped me become this person. So feeling that my masculinity was in question was a breaking point for me.

Do you think there were misunderstandings on how you both define masculinity?

After having more discussions about what Karen meant and truly listening to what she was saying, it was less about masculinity and more about me being able to lead our household and be a person she felt she could follow.

I think if she could take those words back she would, but what’s done is done. I’m just hopeful that we can all have more open conversations about the ways we all contribute to toxic masculinity.

What was your long-term goal when getting Married at First Sight?

Long-term, I wanted to see if the person I met could be the person I would be married to for the rest of my life. I take marriage seriously and wanted to look at it in terms of the bigger picture.

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There has been a lot of criticism about the slow pace you and Karen are taking. Do you feel that people need to move at a fast pace in order to be successful in this experiment? 

The experiment was supposed to be 8 weeks. That’s way too short to know (in my opinion) if I want to spend the rest of my life with someone. I was willing to take as long as we needed to see if our connection could grow. 

Speaking of moving at a fast pace, explain how it felt watching the instant and easy physical and emotional connection with Woody and Amani while you and Karen continually struggled.

Man that was beautiful to see, right? I was really happy for Woody. We had a lot of conversations over the years about what we wanted in our wives, family, etc.

For him to find that connection so quickly in Amani was really cool to see and be a part of. We were very intentional about not making comparisons and both did a good job of supporting each other like we always have.

Karen shared in my interview with her that she used Woody as a sounding board and a way to glean insight into understanding you. Were you aware this was happening?

I was aware of some of it. Karen and Woody seemed to build a friendship from the beginning. I am glad they were able to form a connection that could help each of them out in this process.

If Karen and I are going to be successful, part of that is seeing how she interacts with my friends and family.

What would make you want to say, ‘yes’ on decision day? 

I would need to see Karen consistently showing me the wife that I know she can be through words and actions. Throughout the experiment, we have gone through a lot and neither of us have been at our best.

I would need to see her give me everything she has, despite what we have been through, because I feel like she has a lot more to give than what I have experienced thus far.


For Part 1 of my interview with Miles Williams, click here.

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