Married at First Sight’s Katie Conrad Shares Her Concerns About Derek Sherman in this Exclusive Interview
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Married at First Sight’s Katie Conrad Shares Her Concerns About Derek Sherman in this Exclusive Interview

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman were one of five couples that tied the knot in Season 10 of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight.

Although the bride had cold feet on the day of the wedding, she was thrilled when she saw her groom at the altar. We saw sparks flying with an instant connection that continued through the honeymoon.

However, once the couple moved in together, reality set in. Being married can be a challenge and being married to a stranger is even more difficult.

Derek confessed he had never been in love before and didn’t believe it could happen in eight weeks. That revelation shot up some red flags for Katie.

What are her biggest concerns about her new husband’s admission? What has her role as a mental health professional played in their marriage? I have these answers and more in this exclusive interview with Katie Conrad.

Going into this experience, the child therapist told experts, “I want someone who understands me, supports me and just has a mutual love.”

As an admitted romantic, it’s no surprise that “Bridesmaids” is the movie she could watch over and over again. She exclaims, “My friends and I have seen that movie way too many times and it never gets old. So funny!” 

Although she loves to spend time with friends, Katie admits to becoming more of an introvert as she’s matured. “I used to love being out in large social settings. Now I feel like it takes so much more out of me. I need my down-time to recharge.”

We saw this play out as the newlywed confessed she was overwhelmed while spending a week in Panama with someone she just met. It was especially difficult for her after hearing her husband confess he had never been in love.

She reveals, “My biggest concern was that he wasn’t emotionally mature enough or able to give me what I needed [on an emotional level].” She was also concerned that Derek didn’t have, “previous experiences of growing and learning both from being in love before or from the personal growth that comes from losing it and [then] getting over that loss.” 

This made it a challenge for Katie to let down her walls and be vulnerable. “It gave me some reservations about fully opening up to him emotionally. It also made me view him as someone who didn’t share those same experiences and lessons that I had been able to grow and learn from,” she says.

Regarding overthinking or over-analyzing issues, Katie shares, “Going into this experience I tried not to have my therapist hat on too much. I wanted to go into it with Derek just as me as a person, not my job.”

One skill she did apply was clearly expressing herself. “I really tried to communicate how I felt and why, rather than assuming if he knew or understood.” She states further, “I think this came off as annoying or repetitive to him, at times. But to me, communication and even overly communicating is important.”

How does Katie handle working as a child therapist, going to grad school and being a wife? “I would say my biggest strength is time management. It’s taken a lot to get to this point. I really work hard at finding a healthy balance between work and play, friends and family, ‘me time’, being a dog mom, a student, sister, daughter, and now a wife,” she adds.  

If Katie had more free time, her focus would be on the arts. “I would absolutely love to learn how to actually dance or play an instrument. I love all kinds of music and how it makes me feel. [I] would love to be able to perform or make something of my own,” she tells RealiTVwithBee.  

In this sneak peek for tonight’s episode, the couples are celebrating their one month anniversaries. While it goes smoothly for some, others, including Derek and Katie, have some bumps in the road. Will they be able to work them out?

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