Married at First Sight's Zach Justice Reveals He and Mindy Shiben Were on Polar Opposite Ends with Communication
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Married at First Sight’s Zach Justice Reveals He and Mindy Shiben Were on Polar Opposite Ends With Communication Early On

In season 10 of Married at First Sight, Zach Justice put his trust in the relationship experts to find him his perfect match. As he prepared for the wedding, his biggest concern was whether his wife would be what he was visually expecting. 

When Mindy Shiben walked down the aisle towards him, he broke out into a smile of relief. His biggest fear seemed to vanish. He acknowledged on camera she was incredibly attractive to him and vowed to make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. 

However, in a matter of days, the groom revealed in a bombshell confession to his new wife that he wasn’t building an attraction to her. By the end of the honeymoon, he was distant to the point that the couple barely spoke to one another.

Was Zach sincere with his initial words and romantic actions? How do you get from their connection at the wedding to a place of utter despair in a matter of days? I have your answers in this exclusive interview with Zach Justice.

The St. Mary’s, GA native starts with why he thought the experts matched him with Mindy. “I’m pretty certain they matched us because we are both athletic and ambitious.”  

Zach then shares the qualities Mindy had that he was looking for in a partner. “I found Mindy to be incredibly sweet and kind. It was also very clear to me that she had my back and there wasn’t anything that she wouldn’t do for me, even with me still being a total stranger.”

The 32-year old vowed to make Mindy feel emotionally safe. He also vowed to treat her with the respect and kindness she deserves. 

Whether he’s been able to fulfill those promises, he notes, “Writing the vows was by far the hardest part because they’re obviously to an individual you know nothing about. So the angle in which I wrote these vows was out of hope that it would be someone I hit it off with soon and well.”  

Zach regrets he never took into consideration how his vows would play out if it was someone he struggled to build an attraction to. When he found himself to be in this exact situation, he had no idea how to deal with it.

Fans of the show questioned the entrepreneur’s sincerity when his words and actions didn’t match up. He explains, “I was sincere with my initial observation. It’s what I believed. The next step for me was how to better and further attach emotion to that statement.”

From the moment the couple arrived in Panama, it was clear Zach was struggling to connect with his wife. He expounds on what happened in that first week of their marriage. “As the days, interactions and observations started to unfold, I felt a lack of emotional intensity and chemistry for an attraction.”

The newlywed relays that his need to address and communicate those feelings to his wife had a huge impact on their relationship. “I have always tried to take a very logical and direct approach.  So as [that] feeling came up, I felt it important to communicate it head-on versus compartmentalize it,” he says. 

Zach says what made this especially difficult for he and Mindy, is their polar opposite approaches to communication. He is direct and logical and she is emotionally driven. By the end of the honeymoon, the couple was at their wit’s end. “It was clear our communication styles were an obstacle,” he reveals.  

The previews show the couple will continue to struggle. As they arrive home from their honeymoon, Zach drops another bombshell on his wife…he doesn’t think it’s healthy for them to move in together. Is this the end of the road for this relationship?

Zach closes by saying “I do believe that attraction and love can grow. But I also believe that when you know, you know.” He adds, “Instinctively, that’s where I was in those early days of our marriage.” 


In this exclusive interview with RealiTVwithBee Mindy Shiben talks about having forgiveness and a positive attitude in order to rebuild trust with Zach Justice.

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