Married At First Sight' Brandon Reid Shares His Fears and Passion in this Exclusive Interview
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Married at First Sight’s Brandon Reid Shares his Fears and Passion in This [Exclusive] Interview

Brandon Reid took a leap of faith and married Taylor Dunklin on Season 10 of Lifetime’s hit, Married at First Sight. He went into this process with high hopes, ready to apply the experience from past relationships to his marriage.

Brandon and Taylor had an initial attraction and immediate chemistry that gave viewers hope. However, we now know the ultimate dream of finding his soulmate did not come true for Brandon. An article in People revealed the 34-year-old filed for an annulment by the second week the season aired.

As we watch their story unfold, I wanted to get a deeper look at who Brandon is in an effort to better understand what may have gone wrong.

In this exclusive interview with RealiTVwith Bee, Brandon Reid shares his passion, fears and what he values the most in a person.

Brandon roots are in the US Virgin Islands, but he was born and raised in Washington D.C. As a child, he enjoyed playing basketball and baseball. He shares, “I loved the competition and team effort [both sports] required to be excellent.” However, it was not all fun and games for him. The 34-year old also had some childhood trauma.

In his first conversation he had with Taylor, Brandon revealed he lost a brother to gang violence at an early age. The shock of having a loved one die unexpectedly has had a lasting impact on him. It’s the one thing the sales executive admits he still fears the most as he explains, “I saw how it tore up my family when my brother died.”  

Brandon is passionate about photography and graphic art. He expresses, “I’m a creator. I like taking nothing and turning it into something for people to enjoy.”

Photographers are able to see things in a different light and the Washington D.C. native is definitely in that group. When asked if he is more attracted to a smile or eyes, he admits it’s both. He expounds, “[When] combined they show sincerity, open heart, friendship, and love.”

The three values that are most important to Brandon are loyalty, sincerity, and trust. “I have a very tight inner circle. My circle thrives because it’s comprised of loved ones whom I know have my best interest at heart.”

He finishes by saying, “We all share one common goal…to uplift each other at all times.” 

Photo credit: Belinda Green

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