Exclusive Interview with Married at First Sight's Mindy Shiben
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Married at First Sight’s Mindy Shiben Reveals the Most Defining Moment in Her Life in this [Exclusive] Interview

Finding your soulmate can be a challenge in today’s world. After exhausting all conventional methods, 34-year-old figure skating coach, Mindy Shiben, will be walking down the aisle to marry a stranger on tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight on Lifetime.

Mindy is hoping the man at the end of the aisle is romantic, committed and someone she can have a beautiful, loving relationship with. From the thousands of applicants who applied, the experts think 32-year-old fitness professional, Zach Justice, is that man.

Using social media as a gauge, fans are hopeful too!

It’s easy to understand how Mindy got her show title of, “Miss Optimistic”. Despite some recent tragic events, her passion and exuberance for life jumps off the screen and into your heart. When she exclaimed with excitement, “Today is my wedding day!”, I was clapping right along with her!

That passion is certainly evident in my recent interview with Mindy. She was honest, open and vulnerable with her responses.

It’s clear that Mindy has a positive and upbeat personality. The five words that she would use to describe herself are, “creative, compassionate, adventurous, quirky and generous.”

Those are all great qualities for taking this leap of faith!

Mindy has a little spice to her, as well. If she could name the title of her life as a current popular movie or book, she reveals it would be, “Underestimate Me – I Dare You”!

I can’t wait to see all these sides of her!

Mindy has a love for nature. As we saw her relaxing with a book in her swing, you could feel how at peace she was. She admits the most beautiful thing in nature to her is star constellations. “Nothing compares to looking up at a clear night sky filled with stars and contemplating the mysteries of infinite time and space. It makes me feel so connected to the universe and everyone in it.”

With the recent hustle and bustle of the winter holidays, it was refreshing to hear Mindy say her favorite holiday is, “the Fourth of July! My birthday is July 2nd, so I always do something special on the 4th to celebrate both!” She went on to explain, “Last year I went to the Rolling Stones concert with my mom and sister and then did a giant crab feast with a bunch of friends the next day. I wonder what we’ll do this year… I’m open to suggestions!”

Share your suggestions with her in the comments below.

There are many moments in our lives that are life-changing. We learned Mindy lost her younger sister to a drug overdose. She opens up, “Losing my sister Brittany was definitely the most defining moment in my life, thus far.” She expounds further, “I talked to her less than 24 hours before she passed away and I had no idea that would be the last time I would hear her voice.”

Life can get busy and it’s easy to take things for granted. One last thought Mindy shares with RealiTVwithBee, “We are all only here for a short amount of time, and our time with our loved ones is so precious. I would give literally anything just to be able to hug her one more time.”

Watch Mindy’s journey to find love with Zach on Season 10 on Married at First Sight, Wednesdays on Lifetime at 8:00/7:00 CST.

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