Married at First Sight's Jessica Studer Shares Insight On What Brings Her Joy in the [Exclusive] Interview
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Married at First Sight’s Jessica Studer Shares Insight On What Brings Her Joy in This [Exclusive] Interview

Fans of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight, are falling in love with the adorable quirkiness of Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd. The two singles are one of five couples to be matched on Season 10 of the hit reality show produced by Kinetic Content.

Jessica’s hope when signing up to marry a stranger, was to create her own love story with someone who is looking to be in a committed relationship. All signs point the couple is off to a great start.

In last night’s episode, she exclaimed to the camera, “My husband is super fun and friendly! I feel like I have this natural state of awkwardness. But he kind of does too, so we [mesh] together. We’re both just like two awkward peas in a pod!”

Fans of the show can’t get enough of her quick wit and enthusiasm for life. Let’s take a closer look behind the veil in this exclusive interview with Jessica Studer.

Jessica has a bubbly personality that is infectious. When asked where her happy place is, she responded, “Lots of places are my happy place!”

Being that she’s an identical twin with a close-knit sister bond, it’s no surprise when she expounded, “If I had to narrow it to one place, it would probably be my sister’s house in Pennsylvania and being with Jen, Myla, and Dan! Catching up with my sister and playing with my niece Myla brings me a lot of joy.” 

Another thing that brings Jessica joy is being a patient care coordinator in the cardiovascular ICU. It’s the one thing she could spend hours talking about. She explained, “I really enjoy my job and the profession of nursing. I could spend hours talking about my job or promoting nursing!”

The healthcare professional got even more specific. “I love encouraging people to consider nursing if they are debating what profession to go into or if they are considering a career change. There are many different opportunities within nursing and you will never be bored!” 

Growing up on a Christmas tree farm, Jessica has spent a lot of time in nature. When asked what her favorite sound was, she answered comically, “Hmmm, strange question! But if I had to answer the best sound in the world, it would probably be rain or a waterfall. Something about nature, and specifically water, that is soothing and relaxing!”

Combining her appreciation for being outdoors with cardiovascular health, Jess is an avid runner. She noted that cooler temperatures make Fall her favorite season. “It’s perfect for running! Summer can be too hot and uncomfortable. I’m always cold, so winter is my least favorite season! 

Most of us have a bucket list and Jessica is no exception. The 31-year-old shared one thing on her list is to travel more. “Specifically, I would love to go to Germany for Oktoberfest, Irish breweries in Ireland, or visit Thailand for some delicious food and beaches!” 

In next week’s episode, the newly married single will start fulfilling her travel wishes with a partner. Jessica spoke exuberantly in a breakaway interview about their upcoming trip to Panama. “I’m so excited to go on the honeymoon with my new husband! The last two weeks have been intense and pretty stressful. I am so ready to finally relax and really get to know Austin!”

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