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Married at First Sight’s Jamie Thompson Reveals His Red Flags with In-Laws

Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice of Married at First Sight Season 9, were immediately taken with each other when they met at the altar. Within a few days, they professed their love for one another. However, it wasn’t long before they encountered some rough patches.

An early area of contention was the over-the-top and bizarre possessiveness that Beth’s father felt for his daughter.

On day two of the marriage, Ronnie Bice revealed to Jamie, “That’s my heart. [You] can’t have it. I’m very protective of my daughter. That whole lips on her face thing [at the wedding] really got me upset.” He went on to say, “It makes me sad because you’re going to take a piece of her heart that I’ve always had.”

Jamie admitted he had some red flags during that conversation. I asked him about his concerns in this exclusive interview.

“The biggest concern I had after having brunch with Elizabeth’s parents was how involved they seemed to be,” he told RealiTVwithBee.

Hearing Ronnie’s comments triggered some discomfort in Jamie. He explained, “I was worried that Elizabeth was too attached to her dad to allow for space for me to be in her life.”

Jamie reflected on how Beth’s family dynamic matched up with the expectations he communicated to the experts. “I had asked for someone with strong family values, but they seemed to take that to the next level,” he said.

Communication in a marriage is key, so did Jamie share his concerns with his wife? “I [did] mention to Elizabeth that my brunch was a little rough with her parents. She didn’t seem overly concerned and hinted that her dad especially, would ‘overplay’ the situation,” he clarified.

As far as if they came to any resolution, Jamie responded, “We talked and seemed to be on the same page about focusing on our new marriage…and not letting family and friends interfere.” 

Despite their agreement, Jamie was worried when it was time to invite their parents over. He admitted, “I was [still] concerned that her parents would be too involved in our new lives together and we wouldn’t have space to get to know each other and grow our new marriage.”

Married at First Sight father Ronnie Bice reveals daughter Elizabeth has a different set of job standards.
Married at First Sight father Ronnie Bice reveals
daughter Elizabeth has a different set of job standards.
Photo credit: Kinetic Content

The intimate gathering started out with plenty of laughter but it took an awkward turn. Beth was asked to explain her position working for her dad and the response was unsettling. “Hopefully I’ll be doing something in sales and marketing,” she announced.

That statement didn’t sit well with Jamie. He shared on camera, “On our wedding day, Elizabeth told me that she was a sales executive for her dad’s company. It’s kind of tough right now because I’m finding out that’s not the case.”

Still another point of contention was the location where Beth would work. She told Jamie most of her work would be done from home. Then Ronnie stated at the gathering, “I’ll make sure your paycheck doesn’t come. [Then] you’ll show up [to work].”

The final straw seemed to be when Beth’s father announced, “[Beth] doesn’t have to have the same responsibilities I hold everyone else to.” The favoritism he admitted showing his daughter, was a thorn in Jamie’s side.

His concerns compounded to the point where Jamie could no longer hold them in. He berated Beth during a heated argument when he asked, “Is this a handout or is this something you’re actually trying to achieve?” He then accused, “You took nepotism. You didn’t take an opportunity.” When the argument escalated out of control, he walked out.

Married at First Sight's Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice have a heated argument.
Married at First Sight’s Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice
have a heated argument.
Photo credit: Kinetic Content

On Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, Jamie admitted he lashed out because Beth brought up the painful subject of his parents’ divorce. “We had [said] that we wouldn’t talk about our parents’ lives. I thought we had this boundary and then she just completely blew it out of the water. I was hurting.”

When Jamie Otis asked what he would do differently, he replied, “I’d have more patience. I would listen more instead of talking and jabbing back. I would try to be more compassionate and [try] to get to the deeper meaning.”

Finally, Jamie confessed on Unfiltered that he still loves Elizabeth. “I want to be with her. I want her to be happy. I want to build a life together. I just want to push the rewind button and go back. Because somewhere along the way, we got really off course here.”

‘Off course’ is putting it lightly. As the couple looked at their wedding photos, Beth’s self-adoration of hair and dress was too much for Jamie. “I thought this day was about us, and now it just seems it’s about her.”

Back at their apartment, another blow-up ensued. The episode ended with a cliffhanger as Jamie walked out for the second time.

Can these two ever learn to resolve conflict peacefully? Will Beth’s relationship with her father continue to cause problems for them? I’m still holding out hope!

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