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Married at First Sight ~ Iris Caldwell Shares Communication Challenges With Keith Manley [Exclusive]

On Married at First Sight Season 9, Keith and Iris are working on developing a foundation to go the distance. For them, the beginning of that foundation is communication.

While Keith is more reserved about saying what he’s thinking, Iris is totally open with sharing her thoughts. Keith states on film how much he appreciates that quality in Iris. “It’s comforting to know my wife is so expressive. She will tell you exactly how she feels. She’s just somebody that I can express anything I’m feeling with, so she’s made things a whole lot easier [for me],” he says.

Although things appear to be going well for them, there are difficulties with meeting at the altar. Iris explains, “I felt it was a challenge to understand Keith’s way of expressing his feelings. Knowing that all people communicate differently, I’m learning a lot about the way my husband communicates.”

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Patience is required for any marriage, but especially when you’re married to a stranger. “Taking it one day at a time to learn more about Keith and his communication style can also be [a challenge]. However, I want to go the extra mile for him and for our marriage,” Iris states.

Iris admits that not knowing Keith [before the wedding] made the honeymoon more fun and even better than she expected. “Every new thing we do and learn about each other is helping us understand the reasons why we were matched. Each day we learn more and more about each other. Using that to our advantage to progress our marriage, is key.” 

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  • Trey

    Iris should have never participated in MAFS. I believe she needs a long term relationship to build trust, comfort, non-sexual intimacy and most of all love before she gives away her virginity. The things that can only be cultivated within a courtship. MAFS does not provide such a platform. I am wondering why she would take on a challenge such as this.

    Maybe she felt if she could meet her true match that he would be willing to wait and go through whatever it takes to have her in his life. A ferry tale if you will.

    The only problem with that, Keith is not a virgin. One tends to miss what they’ve had, especially when it comes to sex. Keith is a grown man with needs so..

    If he is patient enough to deal with Iris controlling ways (whew) and the fact that she needs to feel comfortable about losing her virginity to him, they can make it. We shall see.

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