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Despite Their Instant Attraction, Married at First Sight’s Amber Bowles Reveals She Has Concerns About Matt Gwynne

Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne took a leap of faith and tied the knot in Season 9 of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight.

When you marry a stranger, it’s important to learn as much about them as you can. Family can shed critical light on that in the early days of marriage.

For Amber, the absence of Matt’s family at their wedding made that a challenge. I asked if that brought up any concerns for her. “With family being so important to me, I was concerned about the fact that Matt didn’t invite his family to the wedding. I was curious as to the reason behind that decision, as well,” she explained.

We learned from Matt the recent divorce of his parents caused a two-year rift between them. He shared on Married at First Sight Unfiltered, “Our relationship can get toxic at times. The last thing I wanted to do is bring negative energy into my new marriage.”

Amber Bowles on Married at First Sight Unfiltered
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Amber is supporting her husband’s choice. “I believe Matt made the decision he felt was best for his family and himself. My biggest concern overall was that Matt wouldn’t be willing to spend time with my family if he wasn’t a family-oriented person,” she clarified.

Another concern for Amber is how slowly Matt is opening up to her. She shared on Unfiltered, “Intimacy with Matt is definitely living up to my expectations, physically. [However] I still would like more emotional intimacy. He hasn’t really torn down those walls yet.”

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Perhaps the biggest controversy for this couple is when Matt revealed he may have to consider signing a 10-month overseas basketball contract. Amber said this could be a deal-breaker for their marriage. “At this point, we would have probably only been together for eight to ten weeks. That’s not enough time to develop a strong foundation,” she stated.

In a heart wrenching, in-the-moment interview Amber admitted, “It triggers the same feelings I had when my mom left when I was young. It was really hard to know that someone who loved me and gave birth to me could leave me. The fact that he could take a job overseas scares me.”

Can Amber and Matt work through these barriers and make it beyond the eight-week experiment? I am cautiously optimistic because it’s still early in the process, but show previews are casting some doubt.

In one preview we see Amber questioning Matt about wanting his own space away from her. She asked him, “Are you a guest in my own house or are we living together?”

In another preview, we see Amber’s friend telling her, “The other night I was out at a bar and I saw Matt with another girl.”

The final preview shows Amber solemn and wiping tears on Decision Day. It could be editing, but fans are concerned. This is definitely a couple to closely watch!

In next week’s episode, the honeymoons are over and reality sets in. Here’s a sneak peek where Dr. Pepper Schwartz reveals a new twist…all four couples move into the same apartment complex this season!

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