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Married at First Sight’s Deonna Shares How She Prepared to Marry a Stranger {Exclusive}

When Married at First Sight viewers heard Deonna confess to Greg she hadn’t been in a relationship for 10 years, there was a deep, collective gasp. Greg’s initial reaction mirrored the feeling of shock that fans felt.

The big question on my mind…and everyone else’s…was how did Deonna ensure she was ready for a long-term commitment after not having been in a relationship for 10 years? I have your answer in this exclusive interview with Deonna.

“As I prepared to marry a stranger, I spent time focusing on me and my relationship with God. I wanted to be sure that I was mentally and emotionally ready to make such a huge life decision,” she says.

In addition to focusing on herself, Deonna had to determine what she really wanted in a future spouse. She made a list of deal breakers and what she refers to as ‘nice to haves’. She states further, “I had to be really honest with myself. Am I trying to create a romanticized man or am I being realistic in envisioning my husband?” 

Married at First Sight’s Deonna McNeill
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As far as physical traits, Deonna wanted a man that was tall, dark and handsome. It was also important that he be God-fearing and respectful, with kind eyes. She admits on film that Greg fit all those qualities.

Along with thinking about what she wanted her husband to be like, Deonna had to look inwardly. She thought, “Would I date myself and what am I bringing to the table? Ultimately, I knew that I would need help and guidance as I entered this new chapter of my life. This is foreign territory”.

Another step Deonna took was to start examining different relationships like those of her parents, family members, and friends. “I spent time praying to God and listening to different sermons on relationships and marriage. I was a sponge looking for all of the information on the subject to absorb. I felt like it was helping me get prepared to take the ultimate leap of faith, especially since there isn’t a manual on marriage,” she states.

As you can see, the decision to marry a stranger is not one Deonna took lightly. She indeed spent a great deal of time and energy preparing herself to be a good spouse and partner in life. The question is, will the rubber meet the road when she puts her knowledge to the test?

Greg and Deonna~Married at First Sight
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Watching last night’s episode, I can see the attraction, but have concerns about how closed off and distant Deonna is with Greg. He tried to flirt, tease and cajole her out of her shell, to no avail. Is this normal, ‘I just married a stranger’ awkwardness OR does she have those walls erected so tall that Greg can’t see over them?

If she can let him in, I still feel like they could be a great match with their commitment and shared values. I can’t wait to tune in next week to see where this goes!

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  • Carmen

    She ain’t letting that man in. She doesn’t know what battles to pick and what battles to let go. She hasn’t benefited from failed relationship and having those critics to know how to adapt and overcome her flaws. She’s so defensive about everything with him. I want the to make it, they in fact might be the couple I’m rooting for the most but if they don’t make it I feel like much of the fault will be hers to bare.

    • RealiTVwithBee

      It does seem like Deonna has her guard up but it’s early on and she is determining whether she can trust Greg. Let’s see how this plays out. I’m hopeful the experts will be able to guide them through this.

  • Trey

    I am concerned as to why Deonna can’t be her true self in this relationship. I know that they haven’t been married for long, however, she is so tightly wound around this man. I wonder how they will make it last. I’m rooting for them though.

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