Married at First Sight,  Season 9

Married at First Sight Season 9 ~ Greg Bridges Deonna’s 10-Year Relationship Gap

Deonna, a 30-year old operations manager is a go-getter, with two degrees and a home. She is looking for a man that is God-fearing, smart and shows a passion for something in life. Deonna hasn’t dated since her last relationship ended 10 years ago. (Gasp.) Instead, she has focused on her education, healing her heart, letting her guard down and allowing people in.

At 32, Greg is a successful entrepreneur, owning a Math Learning Center. Religion is important to him so he wanted to be matched with a woman that has the same desire to grow her faith. This man has it together.

When Greg and Deonna first met at the altar, they had an initial attraction to one another. She liked his kind puppy dog eyes and he was impressed with her big, beautiful smile.

Shortly after they said, “I do”, they hit their first bump in the road. Buckle your seatbelts, folks. Deonna revealed to Greg her 10-year relationship dry spell and felt judged by his reaction. I recently had the opportunity to ask Greg how he felt about that exchange.

What was your gut response when Deonna told you she hadn’t been in a relationship for 10 years?

I was confused and shocked. Deonna looked like she was around the same age as me so I was just trying to process not dating at all during your 20s. Then what was she doing during that time? That is very unusual. I’ve never heard of someone taking that much time not dating anyone unless there was something really serious or wrong that prevented them from doing so.

I was wondering, ‘Here we go, what did I get myself into?’ (Laughs) Does she have the experience and mindset to be married, especially in a marriage like this one? There must be a reason why the experts felt strongly to match us, so I need to be patient and aim to understand her reasoning. 

Deonna said your facial expression made her feel judged. What is your response to that?

I wasn’t necessarily judging Deonna, just trying to process what she said. That was a major life event that was shared soon after I met her so it was a lot to take in. 

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Greg’s reaction was totally normal given the context of this eight-week experiment. Is Deonna truly ready for such a huge leap of faith? Time will tell, but I believe their shared values and strong commitment to marriage can help them work through this and any future conflicts.

Overall, I think Greg and Deonna are an excellent match and I have high hopes for a long-lasting relationship. What are your thoughts?

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