Married at First Sight,  Season 8

Married at First Sight Season 8 ~ Will and Jasmine’s Conflict on Gender Roles

At first glance on Married at First Sight Season 8, it looked like Will and Jasmine just might be the perfect match. They were both physically attracted to one another and they had an initial easy banter between them. It wasn’t long before they realized that physical attraction is only one component of compatibility. 

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When the couple started having deeper conversations about finances and household tasks, they realized they are not on the same page with gender roles. Jasmine is looking for what she calls a “traditional” relationship, where the man takes care of the bills. Will is looking for a partnership with a 50/50 split. 

In order for them to come to an agreement, a compromise needs to be worked out. From what we have seen, Jasmine has a specific way of doing things and does not appear to be open to compromise…much. 

On the honeymoon, Jasmine made comments about Will being messy. Once they were home, she stood over him telling him how to make breakfast. At a family gathering, she made comments in front of friends and family about his lack of physical affection towards her and their conflict over gender roles. 

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Why are these red flags? Because they are all potential examples of emasculation. 

When you are controlling in a relationship, you criticize the way your partner does things. This sends a message that you don’t trust him or feel he is capable of doing things correctly. Instead, allow him to do a task his way and thank him for his help.

A man wants a lover, not a mother. Constantly complaining about his habits makes him feel like you are trying to change or reform him. Although it isn’t easy, some things you just have to let go. 

Finally, telling others that you are not happy with something he is or isn’t doing is a big blow to a man’s ego. It is disrespectful to him, your relationship and can lead to emotional withdrawal. Don’t debate your issues in front of others. 

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I understand Jasmine is frustrated because she is not getting the physical affection from Will that she needs. Is it possible her behaviors are what’s stopping him from taking that next step? Will the experts be able to hone in on this and guide them so they can bridge that gap? 

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