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Married at First Sight ~ Flying High, Holding on Tight and Hitting Rock Bottom

As season six of Married at First Sight comes to the halfway point, couples take viewers on a trapeze ride that leaves us breathless. Seriously. I can’t breathe. 

I could hear a collective gasp as Pastor Cal talked about being “submissive” to your spouse. So what does that mean? In essence, it’s putting your partner’s wants and needs above your own. It’s being selfless. When both partners are willing to do this, they develop a strong foundation based on compromise. Okay…exhale. 

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Jephte and Shawniece are flying high right now. When Jephte refused to swap phones and walked out on Shawniece, it could have been the end of their relationship. Instead, he used a lifeline, called a friend for help, and came back stronger with roses and an apology. 

Marriage is about forgiveness…and Shawniece has no shortage of that. She has proven more than once she can forgive, forget and move forward with a positive attitude…and a laugh. This girl has it together. 

Another major change for Jephte was stopping his “single” mindset, mid-conversation with Pastor Cal. He realized it’s okay to be uncomfortable doing things in your marriage and that stepping out of your comfort zone can bring you closer together. He put those thoughts into action by soaring on the trapeze, despite his fear of heights. Boom!

In the beginning, I was most concerned about Jephte and Shawniece. Now we see them planning their future to include kids. This is a good sign.

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Jonathan and Molly are holding on tight with an abundance of perseverance. I haven’t seen a couple put this much effort into making their marriage (to a stranger) work since Doug and Jamie. 

It would be easy for Jon to get all in his head about Molly’s lack of physical intimacy. Instead, he’s listening to the experts, garnering up his patience and putting his focus on earning her trust. 

It would be equally easy for Molly to give up when she’s not feeling the immediate chemistry. Yet she is taking the experts advice to heart, pushing beyond her comfort zone and trying to develop a physical connection with Jon. 

Together, they exhibit the epitome of selflessness. They are working harder than ever to build a solid foundation beyond the eight-week experiment. 

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Ryan and Jackie had an instant connection right from the start. But marriage is more than chemistry. If you’re committed to joining two single lives as one, then decisions should be made as a team. That’s where they are hitting rock bottom.

When Ryan makes the statements, “I will not change” and “No one can tell me I can’t go out”, it shows he is unwilling to compromise and completely self-absorbed. 

Furthermore, there is a break down in trust when actions don’t match wordsRyan tells Jackie she is #1 and he’s 100% committed to making their marriage work. Yet we see him show a pattern of abandoning her when she needs him. If your job, your hobbies or going out with friends take priority over your spouse, that’s a BIG mistake.

One silver lining is, in the midst of their struggles, we see Jackie growing as a person. She is holding her ground to Ryan, speaking her truth and putting it all out there calmly and respectfully.

In closing, it’s not about whether we make mistakes because we make them. It’s about whether we can learn from them. With the fertile ground of an open heart and mind, growth can take place. That’s what I wish for these couples. 

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