Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight ~ Is It Honeymoon Bliss?

The Married at First Sight weddings are over and it’s on to honeymoon bliss…or is it?

Ryan and Jackie are definitely in the blissful stage. In the first few hours and days of their marriage, their physical and emotional connection is so real, it’s hard to believe they just met. 

Their families also jelled like they’ve known each other for years. Seeing their children so happy at the wedding and brunch brought relief and joy to both sets of parents, but especially Jackie’s after watching their daughter endure such a devastating loss. 

So far, Ryan is saying and doing everything perfectly. So perfectly, that it leaves room to wonder if he’s sincere. Even Jackie is questioning if he’s for real. 

Ryan is clearly operating from cloud nine, but it’s inevitable that at some point, the Cinderella heel is going to drop down to planet Earth. We’ve seen them in good times…how will they respond to conflict? Will it happen next week when he finds out about Jackie’s previous loss?

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I love the camaraderie between Jonathan and Molly. Their light and playful banter puts them at ease so they can move into the comfort zone. We saw that comfort in their pillow talk. Molly asked some great questions and the sincerity of Jonathan’s answers gave the perfect balance of his serious and fun side. 

However, it’s clear that they are moving at very different paces. The physical connection Jonathan has with Molly is what he needs to become intimate. Molly needs to develop an emotional connection, as well as physical. Will Jonathan remain patient and put his focus on developing that emotional connection? Can Molly put her reservations aside and let him in?

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Slowpitch and stranger and wife, oh my. Jephte and Shawniece are at polar opposite ends of marrying a stranger.

Shawniece can’t help but show excitement for her fine-looking husband. This is her dream come true and she is all in. But her open, honest and exuberant personality is paralyzing the man she married. 

Jephte is so overwhelmed with marrying a stranger, he’s pretty much shut down and stiff-arming every attempt Shawniece is making at building a connection with him. 

My question is, if Jephte is so uncomfortable with “strangers”, why in the world did he apply for and agree to marry one? It’s clear he didn’t have a clue what he was in for and is way out of his league here.

It looks like continued rough times are ahead. Will the experts be able to help them find that middle ground in order to build a relationship in just a few short weeks?


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Moving on, one of the great things about Married at First Sight is the expert advice that can be applied to relationships. Here are a few golden nuggets:

“It’s okay to have fear. It”s okay to want to take things slow, but you take them slow together. You don’t take them slow apart.” ~ Pastor Calvin Roberson

“Having some empathy for her (or his) position, may help. Being able to acknowledge how she (or he) is feeling, but then state what you need.” ~ Dr. Jessica Griffin 

“If you’re ready to be married, you have to be willing to change. You know from personal experience that if I’m going to join my life to another person, I cannot remain a single entity.” ~ Pastor Calvin Roberson

“Marriage…it’s a series of ups and downs.” ~ Dr. Pepper Schwartz 

“It’s how you handle the difficult times in a marriage, not the good times.” ~ Dr. Jessica Griffin

“You grow in love, you don’t fall in it. If you focus on those positives, the chemistry will come. You can create the chemistry.” ~ Pastor Calvin Roberson

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Let’s close with another great change this season. For the first time, all three couples were sent to the same location to give one another support in this unique and challenging social experiment.

MAFS couples honeymooned at Palace Resort’s newest luxury all-inclusive property, Moon Palace Jamaica, a AAA four-diamond awarded hotel in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. 

This tropical paradise was the perfect backdrop to set the tone for love to grow. I can’t wait to see what happens! Until next week…

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