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Married at First Sight ~ Boston Marriage Marathon

In Season 6 of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight, 50,000 singles from the Boston area applied for the radical social experiment, with the ultimate goal of marrying a stranger. These singles put complete trust in a panel of show experts that use science and research to match them with their potential soulmate. 

Here is a first look at the six singles chosen to marry a stranger. 

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Jaclyn Schwartzberg, a 29 year old sales representative, has suffered the life-changing tragedy of losing a mate. Knowing what a healthy relationship is, she’s willing to risk it all to have a second chance at love.

As a fire fighter, construction worker and landlord, 29 year old Ryan Buckley has proven he has a great work ethic. Now he’s ready to share his success with someone he can call his best friend. He’s excited to find his soulmate and start a family. 

Ryan is very nurturing and is ready to spoil his wife. His willingness to put his spouse first is a great foundation for marriage. Jaclyn is ready to be the recipient of a little nurturing! These two seem perfect for each other, but will they have a physical connection?

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At 28, Jonathan Francetic is very adventurous and athletic. He feels serving his country in Iraq made him into the man he is today. Unfortunately, his company wasn’t supportive of his decision to marry a stranger and he had to give up his job in finance.

Molly Duff, age 25, has also known hardship. Losing her dad and home at 18 was difficult, but it ultimately brought her family even closer together. Although Molly has a stable job as a commercial insurance adjuster, starting off their marriage with Jon being unemployed is certain to put a burden on their new relationship. 

Will Molly’s resiliency give her the empathy and compassion needed to support for her stranger husband? Will Jon be able to find a job upon returning from their honeymoon?

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As the oldest daughter of 13 siblings, Shawniece Jackson always thought she would be married long before age 29. She’s worked hard to build a successful cosmetology and wig business and is looking for a mate that is equally hard-working.

Jepthe Pierre is a 26 year old elementary school teacher that is also the oldest of many siblings. He has served as a father figure and understands what commitment and sacrifice are. 

Jepthe’s mother is very important in his life, but she is not happy with his decision to marry at first sight. Will her lack of support cause angst in their marriage? 

As I watched the wedding prep, my stomach was tied in knots like I was the one marrying a complete stranger. For the next several months, I’ll be living vicariously through them. Such is the life of an empath. 


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