The Spouse House

The Spouse House ~ Make or Break Shocking Moments

There were some shocking moments this week in The Spouse House by participants and experts alike. Things are changing so quickly, it’s hard to grasp it all.  

First, can we take a moment to acknowledge the 
cuteness of Danny and Naya in their matchy patchy Mr. and Mrs. shirts? 
This is what you call wedded bliss, folks!!!
Okay…let the jaw-dropping begin.
The first curveball…we ALL thought Bri 
was going to propose to Chris. Instead she makes
shocking decision to leave the #SpouseHouse.
The new kids on the block are in utter dismay that they’re 
still ‘single’ and ‘hanging tough’ as they walk ‘step by 
step’ out of the door ‘tonight’. See what I did there?
Tom to Ashley Lauren, “I am very sorry that Ben left. And the 
fact that you don’t think I’m hurt by that is very disappointing.” 
Me: Wait…what??? Wasn’t it Tom that just voted Ben out? 
 In an unexpected turn of events, the experts reveal they are in 
charge of the relationships. They put you into an exploratory 
marriage and they can take you right back out. Okay…I get it. 
Well look at that! Darren is making all the right moves, both 
on and off the field, with Isabella. Will the third time be the charm?
We interrupt this regularly scheduled recap for the #JimmyJo show.

  Wow. Did we really just fall in love in two weeks? 

Why yes, we did! Stoked to meet the fam…
because firefighter’s bro code. 
‘It’s just like The Notebook!’ and ‘Marry him now, Jo!’
Fake crying and incessant teasing…Priceless! 
Leaving the hometown date smiling and 
smelling like a rose…oh wait, wrong show.
 Enough of the good feels. Back to gut-wrenching drama. 

Ashley thinking marriage should be nothing but bliss has a rude
awakening if she ever gets there. It’s hard work…every single day. 
Ashley Lauren making a bold move to reclaim her man.
I’m not gonna lie, it was super hard to see them with other 
potential mates. But GUYS…I’m so nervous about whether
they can stick it out and learn to work through their ups and downs.
I see love growing between Chris and Missy, despite the odds…and 

everyone else…against them. I wish they could have an easier path.

Whether to vaccinate or not is a tough conversation to 
have. But it’s a critical one that reveals Chris and Missy are on
 polar opposite ends of the spectrum. This may be a deal-breaker.
The final bombshell moment of the night…Missy 
tells Chris she wants to leave the house. My heart is 
breaking. Everyone deserves to feel love, Missy! Will Chris 
propose, leave with her or stay at the house? Dun…Dun…Dun…
I don’t know about you, but I won’t sleep a WINK until next week. 
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