The Spouse House

The Spouse House ~ Just Do It or Don’t Even Think About It?

In The Spouse House this week, some relationships are starting to take off, some are beginning to unravel and others vacillate between the two. Just when viewers think they know what’s going to happen, they get thrown a curve ball.  Here are this week’s do’s and don’ts… 

Don’t Even Think About…

Asking her father for her hand in marriage and 
getting cold feet when she says she loves you. Ouch.
Photo credit: Kinetic Content
Coming to the #SpouseHouse to get married 
and freaking out when you’re asked to be in 
a monogamous relationship. Confusing. 
Flirting with men who are already in 
exploratory marriages with other women. Gutsy.
Alternating between ride or die…every other minute. Exhausting. 
Letting another women get touchy-feely with you 
and then calling HER out for being standoffish. Defensive.

Crying when he walks out in the middle of 
disagreement…once again. Disheartening.

Thinking there is hope with a girl you first 
ghosted and then openly rejected. Disillusioned.


Just Do It!!!


Leaving the Spouse House in love and committed, 
knowing your relationship is just starting. Ecstatic!!!
Opening up your heart by telling him you love him. Blissful. 
Taking a leap of faith with someone 
you’ve know for literally a day. Brave. 
Hoping that wooing will grow the 
good vibes exponentially. Persevering.
Taking the high road and admitting you 
messed up big time by acting out of fear. Gallant.
Putting a smile on someone’s face…
no matter whose idea it was. Thoughtful. 
Trying to talk someone down from the ledge. Responsible. 
Shocking the whole WORLD by 
getting down on a knee and proposing 
BEFORE the engagement ceremony. The MAN!!!
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All screencaps credited to Kinetic Content

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