The Spouse House

The Spouse House ~ Exploratory Marriages

This week on TLC‘s new hit, The Spouse House, things got real. Four couples moved in together to see what married life would be like; Tom and Ashley Lauren, Jimmy and Kelli Jo, Danny and Naya and Chris and Missy. We had some drama as well as some sweet moments. Let’s get straight to this week’s golden nuggets…

Albert, Albert, Albert…kudos to him for taking 
the ultimate risk. Unfortunately, he got sent packing. 
But hey, no risk, no reward!

There has to be more to Bri’s meltdown because she certainly 
wouldn’t be a basket case over a one week relationship. Right?

Purple combines the calm of blue (Danny) with the energy 
of red (Naya). I’d say this is a match made in color hue heaven.
Seriously love these two.

Ashley wants the real Tom, not 
just Tom on his best behavior.

Be careful what you wish for.

In all fairness, Tom humbled himself to set his ego aside and 
show his completely vulnerable side to Ashley Lauren.
I’m so confused. Will the real Tom please step up? 

 Meanwhile, Darren and Bri spend and awkward, yet 
thankfully, drama-free evening having a polite conversation.

Missy loves Danny’s body, Darren’s food, Jimmy’s attitude, 
Tom’s personality, Chris’ jokes. And I love everything about this conversation. She’s killin’ me with her sense of humor.

Ladies and gentlemen…let me introduce you to Miss Jimmy Jo!

 In her best high school voice, Kelli Jo said totes to the note. 
Will she say yes to the dress?

Missy the healer thinks Chris needs her healing touch…like right now.

Jimmy gets punked by Kelli Jo and he takes it like a man.

Danny’s heart and mind say yes…cue the cliffhanger! 
Dun, Dun, Dun…will Naya accept his proposal?

Coming up next week…

Wait…what??? Oh, Chris. Not cool when you’re in 
an exploratory marriage with Missy. Yikes! 

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All screencaps credited to Kinetic Content

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