Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight: Second Chances ~ Happily Ever After

The first ever Married at First Sight: Second Chances Finale did not disappoint! It was a joy to watch the end of Vanessa’s journey to find love.

As I watched Vanessa spend the week with Shannon, one thing was evident. She tried to give him a fair chance, but her heart was clearly with Andre. Don’t get me wrong, they had some cute moments. However, when she didn’t want to share a room with Shannon, I knew her feelings for Andre had to be strong. The way Vanessa handled this difficult situation speaks to her integrity and commitment to Andre long-term. Onward to the Finale!

Shannon arrived first and although Vanessa tried to let him down easy, he was not having any of it. Whether intended or not, his response came across as a bit knee-jerky. Was he really cool with the breakup or was he embarrassed? Did he feel like got a fair shake? He wasn’t the one for Vanessa, but Shannon is a good man and I know he’ll find his woman. 

Before we get to Andre, I want to add a final thought about Myles. Shannon admitted that he and Vanessa had a rocky relationship with many ups and downs. That wasn’t the case with Myles. He was falling in love with Vanessa. So while she took a lot of heat for letting Myles go, I’m glad she did it last week before he became even more invested in her. It was the right thing to do. 

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Finally, let’s talk about Andre! As each week progressed, I was more impressed with him. Evidently, Vanessa was too! Andre walked into the finale and with a very heartfelt and sincere proposal and completely swept Vanessa off her feet.

Beyond love, these two compliment one another very well. She challenges him to be a better person and he challenges her to be more comfortable and confident with who she is. The support and respect they have for one another is a great place to build a lifelong foundation of trust. I hope they get their happily ever after! 

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