Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight: Second Chances ~ Great Angst and Joy

Married at First Sight: Second Chances couldn’t have been more shocking this week as David and Vanessa made the cut down to the final two. Fans went through a myriad of feelings, but in the end, let’s trust David and Vanessa to know what’s in their hearts!

Here’s this week’s moments of great angst and joy. 

Breaking Into a Cold Sweat

It was clear Melika was not into David as 
much as he was into her, but I never saw 
her breaking up with him this close to the end. Ouch.
A completely devastated David tells Melika he loves 
her in a final plea to get her to move in with him.
I don’t know how he can make up for the time that 
was solely focused on Maya and Melika at this point. 


Myles sees that his future is perfectly aligned 
with Vanessa’s, but she does not share that vision. His 
broken heart will mend and he will find his soulmate. 
Yikes! Bigelow is not down with sharing his living space with Nola. 
There is more to this than #loofahgate …

…and there is more to this than #notmyfavoritecolorgate. 

Oh hail to the nah, Andre! You don’t impress 
your girl by saying her baby is high maintenance. 
And the lip smacking! Yikes! 
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.
Yes, parting is such sweet sorrow.


Jumping for Joy


There’s something about Shannon…
Tara couldn’t be more happy… 
and I couldn’t be more scared for her. 
David hangs on to the hope of Isabella for dear life. 
Hey, y’all! Rachel DeAlto in the house!!! 
The heat of this kiss is setting off my smoke detector. 
Just look at David and Isabella communicating 
through conflict, admitting mistakes…
…and working out the kinks. Maybe there’s hope afterall. 
It really is the little things. Like a surprise puppet show…
…and a romantic night in a tent, complete with chocolate and games. 
Will David open his heart completely to Tara?
Can Shannon step up his game in order to win Vanessa? 
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