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Married at First Sight ~ Commitment Beyond Documentation

Oh what a night! As fans sat on the edge of their seats with their stomachs tied in knots, the six Season 5 Married at First Sight partners revealed one by one their decision to stay married. I could almost hear the sigh of relief over social media as #MarriedAtFirstSight soared to trending at #5. History is made! 

Here’s my breakdown…

Anthony and Ashley  

Of the three couples this season, Anthony and Ashley lived on easy street. While they had a few minor bumps in the road, their road led straight to paradise. 

On Decision Day, Anthony finally got up the nerve to tell Ashley he loved her. She reciprocated those feelings and they strolled happily ever after into the Chicago moonlight…via their oh so comfy livingroom couch. 

Having expressed a desire to start having a family, Ashley had been asked repeatedly on social media whether she was pregnant. It looks like we may finally get the answer next week at the reunion show. 

Nate and Sheila  

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Nate and Sheila’s journey was one of a newly married couple learning how to communicate with each other. We were shown some fun and sweet moments and we know they had many that were left on the cutting room floor, but what stood out were their challenges. 

What lesson can we take away from watching Nate and Sheila’s journey? It’s a lesson of forgiveness. No matter what would befall them, they were always able to turn to their faith and work through it. When you have forgiveness, you can let go of the hurt and move forward together. That’s the perfect foundation for building a marriage and the example Nate and Sheila were able to show us.

Cody and Danielle  

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Perhaps the most surprising moment on Decision Day came when both Cody and Danielle chose to stay married. Many people doubted whether they would commit to each other beyond the eight week documentation period. I was not one of those people. 
Cody and Danielle said more than once, they didn’t go through eight weeks of hard work just to give up. They clearly cared for one another and had formed a bond, despite their lack of physical intimacy. 
Where are they now? How did it go without the presence of cameras and crew? Did they ever cross the friend barrier? Are they still married? I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to find out next week at the reunion show! 
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