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Married at First Sight ~ Trust According to the Experts

There are so many reasons to watch Married at First Sight on Lifetime! The last two weeks the advice from experts regarding relationships and trust was so ah-maz-ing, I’ve decided to blog the little golden nuggets. 

Dr. Pepperisms

Intimacy is not just about having sex. It’s about trust and sharing your heart. 

Marriage requires a lot of effort. It can be hard work. To be in love, to have a life with somebody else that is meaningful to you both, to have that trust, to have that joy, it’s worth everything. 

Trust is often thought in terms of non-monogamy or betrayal of a secret, but trust is also about keeping each other safe emotionally.

You can’t build trust by assurances, you have to build trust with behavior. Once you can do that, you can create a lifetime marriage. 


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Trust is something many people in relationships struggle with because we take everything from our past and question people’s intentions and whether we can be vulnerable with them. 

Trust is an essential component of any relationship. The only way that trust will build is through time and experience, through actions and words. 

We think that relationships are about grand gestures, but really it’s the little things that add up over time.


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They can start to build trust with each other. If they can learn to lean on each other’s strengths and not focus on weaknesses, they can be a great couple. 

I want you to talk about some of your insecurities and vulnerabilities. The better you know each other, the quicker your trust is going to grow. 

If you’re building a house and you have a foundation, think of trust like the cement that holds the blocks together.

Trust is that thing which says, hey, no matter what happens in our relationship, I’m going to be here for you and you’re going to be here for me. That only happens when people are open and honest with each other. That’s when real trust is built…out of honesty. 

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