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Married at First Sight: Second Chances ~ Flips and Flops

Each week on Married at First Sight: Second Chances, I get more invested with Vanessa and David finding their happily ever after. You’d think I could sit back and enjoy the ride, but not this girl. My stomach is alternately flipping and flopping the entire 90 minutes. Here’s why…

Flopping in Agony

That awkward feeling when he asks you if 
you’ve been on other dates while dating him…


David to Brittany: I’m afraid to try it. I know how you New England people 
like to cheat. Me: Ouch! That was about the Bills and Patriots rivalry, right?


I’m not going to make a political statement about the fact 
that there is something going around in the water that’s 
causing people to forget their clandestine meetings. I’m just not. 
Although having the group “cheating” conversation 
was totally necessary, it was super awks, nonetheless.

I really wanted to hear what Brittany was saying, but all I could
think about is whether that’s a dog or a pillow she’s laying on.
Oh the pain! Getting the cheek is never a good sign, Zach. 
Salem’s keeping secrets from her family 
and David’s not having any part of it. 
When he gives you a giant bite of cheesecake…
wayyy overestimating how big your mouth is.
I may or may not have screamed, “NO!” when
Tara brought up Melika. Seriously, it’s the kiss of death. 
When you’re on a group date and you feel like you don’t 
matter…because this. Sorry Misha and Salem.
 That was not in any way fun or fair. 

Flipping For Joy

Preach Dr. Pepper! ~ You want someone who not only you 
respect, like and are attracted to, but get to things 
that really get below the skin, into the heart and into the 
memory, so you can get a sense of who that human being really is. 
While the rest of the guys are focused 
on cooking, Chris is focused on Vanessa. 
He’s even willing to eat snails and pigs feet 
to impress her. The things we do for love. 
In the event snails and pigs feet don’t work,
you bring out the big guns for good measure. 
Such a kind and patient teacher. 
Remember to keep your eye on the prize, David.
When your two-tone hairstyle matches the cats…

David to Tara: I want to fall in love with you. I 
want to be with you. I want us to end up together. 
Dare we hope?
Calvin: David needs to be listening to what 
the women are telling him. The last thing David 
needs is someone who is going to be resistant to him. 
So what exactly is Melika saying to David when she tells him
they have nothing in common but a random attraction? We shall see.
And finally…can we be honest here and admit… 
Vanessa is one lucky girl!

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