Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight ~ Building a Strong Foundation

The couples of Married at First Sight have moved in together. Now they begin the task of how to do life together so they can begin to build a strong foundation. That’s the focus of this week’s recap. 

Anthony & Ashley  

One key issue for Anthony and Ashley seems to be family involvement, specifically Ashley’s sister’s presence in their life. We’ve seen she has the ability to influence Ashley’s thoughts by putting ideas in her head. 

Pastor Calvin Roberson stated it best when he said, “It’s very important to have support from your extended family, but support has to be solicited. Support is not the same as interference”. I firmly believe that family boundaries have to be set for any couple to make it long-term. 

This episode we’ve started to see some emotional insecurity on Ashley’s part. While it certainly seems like it could be a normal part of this crazy process, we’ll see if it continues or presents a bigger problem.


Cody & Danielle  

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As Dr. Pepper stated, the main problem we see with Cody and Danielle is gender roles. How is Cody a man to her woman? How do they work together as a team to share leadership roles? What can they do to support each other to grow the relationship? 

Right now Cody doesn’t seem to know which way to turn. He’s trying to be a man to Danielle the way he knows how. However, it doesn’t seem to vibe with the way Danielle needs him to be. 

I have a Cody who has cared for and nurtured me for 38 years. Being a man doesn’t have to be picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder. It can be helping you get through each and every day…whether it’s doing the dishes, caring for the dogs or planning a romantic evening out. These are the things that matter. These are the things that build a lifetime of intimacy and happiness. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to worry about these two. I hope they can figure this out because I see so much potential. 

Nate & Sheila  

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Nate and Sheila’s relationship started out a bit rocky, but they’ve moved into a nice groove now they’re back home. Working on trust and letting their walls come completely down is the next step for these two.  

Nate is making every effort to build trust by supporting Sheila. It started at their wedding reception, continued on their honeymoon and remains front and center now. Whether its working through an disagreement, helping her through an illness, or respectfully defending her in front of her family, Nate is showing they are a team. 

Sheila is also showing support to Nate by accepting Tyrique into their home. That goes a long way towards developing a strong foundation. But will Sheila feel comfortable enough to let her guard come all the way down?

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