Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight – Working Through Conflict

What makes us all unique is the diverse set of thoughts, feelings and values we have that are based on our life experiences. When you marry a stranger, it takes time to work out how to merge those styles. Only a few days into the honeymoons, the struggles get real in this week’s episode of Married at First Sight on Lifetime.

For Nate and Sheila, conflict escalates quickly. Words are said that push buttons and trigger instant raw emotion. While Sheila internalizes and takes longer to process her emotions, Nate processes quickly and wants to move on.

It’s important to understand that your partner’s way of approaching conflict resolution may be different than yours. Communication is critical at this point to avoid misunderstandings. It’s key to focus on the issue and not the person. Words should be carefully chosen to help and not harm the situation.

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Cody and Danielle have also come to a very raw and real place in their relationship. While they haven’t had a heated verbal disagreement, Cody admitting he wants to pull back clearly hurts Danielle and catches her off-guard. 

Just when you start to open yourself up, the sting of rejection can be difficult to overcome. Self-preservation screams to guard and protect your fragile heart, yet vulnerability is needed now more than ever. That’s where forgiveness comes in. Cody may lack the experience in how to approach the situation, but his intention is to do this right to ensure the best chance at forever with Danielle. Sharing his intention with her can go a long way. 

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Despite their honeymoon high, we’ve seen a difference in opinion between Anthony and Ashley regarding the level of family involvement in their marriage, specifically with her sister. Anthony has had personal experience with this. He told Ashley outside influence caused the break-up of a previous serious relationship. 

This goes to the core level of respecting each other. If the goal is to build a sustaining relationship, it’s important to develop habits that help achieve that goal. 

The Married at First Sight couples have the benefit of three relationship experts that will guide them through peaceful conflict resolution. If the couples commit to practicing what they learn, it will strengthen their relationship, bringing them closer together. 

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