Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight ~ Finding the Balance When Opposites Attract

Often in relationships, we find ourselves attracted to the “opposite”. This holds true on Season 5 of Married at First Sight. Although all three couples are initially attracted to each other, there is a definite contrast in their personalities.

In theory, those strengths and weaknesses will balance and complement one another. However, in the beginning of a relationship, it takes time and effort to achieve that balance. It’s during the learning process that sometimes we get frustrated with our partner. 

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Our couples are very well matched. However, there’s no such thing as a perfect match or a perfect couple. It’s really important for them to understand their differences, as well as their similarities, and give each other a break on those differences. ~ Dr. Pepper Schwartz


Cody & Danielle


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Danielle admits to being a more intense and take-charge person, whereas Cody is more easy going and laid-back. Cody takes longer to process and Danielle makes decisions more quickly. 
Taking a step back and putting her trust in Cody can be difficult for Danielle when she likes to take charge (I know this all too well), but it also can be very freeing. A little encouragement can go a long way. When you encourage your spouse, it allows them to keep their dignity intact. It tells them you value and trust their judgment, even when they are questioning it themselves. Cody in turn, needs to listen to what Danielle is saying and read her body language. I’d like to see him throw caution to the wind and go for it. 

Nate & Sheila


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We see the distinction between Nate’s high energy level vs. Sheila’s total chill vibe. Nate is a full speed ahead guy in thought and action. Sheila is introspective and needs time to process. 
Despite their differences, this couple has stellar communication. The way Nate and Sheila articulate their thoughts and feelings is amazing for a couple that just met. If they can better learn to understand each other’s communication styles and processing time, life will get much easier. They’ve already reached out to show expert, Rachel DeAlto for guidance, which is a good sign. 

Anthony & Ashley

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While Anthony is adventurous and values family, he is independent in his thinking. Ashley is more cautious, allowing perceived risk to sway her comfort level. She admittedly relies on and is influenced by, her sister.
For the long-term success of this relationship, they will need to set boundaries. It’s imperative they come to an agreement on the role Ashley’s sister will play in their marriage. Is it realistic to expect Ashley to stop sharing with her sister altogether? Of course not. But if they don’t take Calvin Roberson’s advice and adhere to a set of boundaries, it may impact their trust.
Learning to find the right balance in a relationship is a lot of work. It requires a willingness to first understand, and then accept, an alternate way of thinking. If the couples can go into this with an open heart and mind, they have a good chance of making it long-term.
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