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#LoveBuzz – Chatting up Love and Reality TV

What happens when my first road trip to California as a retiree and my love for reality TV collides? It’s called #LoveBuzz…a fun and casual talk show from Kinetic Content hosted by former Bachelorette and TV personality, Ali Fedotowsky.

Having been an avid fan since the inception of “The Bachelor”, “The Bachelorette”, and “Married at First Sight”, it felt like a dream to find myself in the presence of three of my favorite stars from the shows, Ali Fedowtowdky, David Norton and Trista Sutter. Who’s life is this?  

The night before the filming of #LoveBuzz was unrestful. Questions swirled in my mind like leaves in the wind on a fall day. What would I say that was intelligent and thought-provoking? How could I weave in my passion for equity/social justice as it relates to finding love on reality TV? A moment of vanity slips in…what would I wear that wouldn’t showcase the added 10 pounds on film? 

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Driving from Hollywood to Beverly Hills that morning, I realize how out of my element I am. How could a Minneapolis girl possibly anticipate it would take an hour to drive 8 miles? We hit the ground running upon my late arrival at the studio. Brief introductions are made, the mic is placed, hair and make-up refreshed, a quick briefing by the production crew and 3…2…1…action! 

Conversation flows and the two hours of filming slipped by like a dream…a blink and it’s over. The one thing I realize is, TV personalities are the same as you and me; kind, compassionate and down-to-earth. They yearn to find love for themselves and others in a climate that is becoming tumultuous and troubling. Production company Kinetic Content and ABC are providing radical, out-of-the-box ways to do just that. 

Let’s discuss what specifically draws me to Kinetic Content. They incorporate inventive and innovative ways to connect people that go way beyond the norm. Watching “Married At First Sight” and their new spinoff “Second Chances” not only gives people the opportunity to find love on reality TV, it gives viewers and participants meaningful relationship advice from renowned experts. Kinetic then takes it a step further combining their groundbreaking ideas with inclusiveness in their casting. That’s a win-win in my “blog”. 

So many things to talk about, so little time! What didn’t make the final cut for “Love Buzz”? My lens on the historical importance of having Rachel Lindsay as the very first woman of color to be “The Bachelorette”. The unprecedented announcement that she was the lead while still on the current season, will bring in a wider pool of African American and diverse men. Bravo!  

The Bachelorette ABC has a platform to reach millions of people. My hope is that they will use this opportunity to show meaningful conversations about racism and stereotype. We build empathy when we hear another person’s story. These stories are imperative to bridge gaps across difference and break down barriers that are erected out of fear. Let’s be honest, the timing could not be more relevant. 

Now, on to the show! I hope you enjoy the 15 minute edited version of “Love Buzz”. As always, thanks for watching and reading my blog. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

Video credit: Kinetic Content

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