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Married at First Sight Season 4: Why Derek Schwartz Chose to Stay Married

Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel of the FYI hit, “Married at First Sight” were a good match on paper with similar likes and ideas. But despite that fact, Seidel chose to end their marriage after just 10 short days. While fans were disappointed, no one felt the sting of rejection more than Schwartz. I had an opportunity to catch up with him and learn about his journey.

Schwartz admitted the concept of marrying a stranger was unexpected. “I was totally surprised when I was first contacted to do the show. I got a message on a social media site saying they’d like to talk on the phone.”

Although initially reluctant, the idea eventually took hold and he began to embrace the opportunity. “At the age of 35, I had not found a wife on my own. If I could have the experts find me a match, I would be willing to give it a try.”  

Schwartz felt his realistic expectations made him ready for the challenge. “I was at a point in my life where I was completely open to compromise in order to be with the right person.”

There was an instant attraction that he fondly recalled. “The good memories for me started off at the wedding. It was such a special day and so cool that we shared it together, not only with us but with our families.”  

Schwartz said the excitement in the first few days made the beginning of their journey enjoyable. “We had some really funny conversations and times where things were calm. I thought, ‘Wow! I can’t believe I’m here and this is happening. This is great’!”

Unfortunately what Seidel deemed as irreconcilable differences, brought their relationship to a screeching halt. Despite the fact that she admittedly checked out of the marriage on ‘Decision Day’, Schwartz wanted to stay married. He explained, “In order to find out if the two people involved are compatible, I think the full six weeks is necessary. I wish that we would have been able to go into it with open minds and a willingness to try something new. It would have allowed us to learn more about relationships and ourselves, regardless of the outcome.” 

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Schwartz felt there was nothing that he and Seidel couldn’t have worked through with a shared commitment and expert guidance from Pastor Cal Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Rachel DeAlto. He regretted, “We never really had a chance to be coached by them and that was a huge part of the equation for me. Knowing that I still had a tremendous amount to learn about relationships, I was looking forward to learning all I could throughout the process.” 

Schwartz admitted that watching himself on the show was an eye-opener. He reflected there were “areas where I could have handled things differently. It took seeing it all unfold on TV to realize that.” He further stated, “One of the things I will change in future relationships is the way I handle things when the tensions are high. I must remember to stay level-headed and not let frustration get me too worked up.”  

Seidel may not have been ‘the one’ for him, but the experience has given Schwartz some clarity on what he is looking for in a partner. “I had an idea before, but I have an even clearer one now.” 

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