Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight S:4 E:13 The Power to Choose Our Destiny

The pressure builds as ‘Decision Day’ looms for the two remaining couples that got  “Married at First Sight”We see how these impending decisions weigh on their hearts as the last grains of sand slip down the hourglass.

When you take the ultimate risk of marrying a stranger, your hopes and dreams are to have a lifelong partner with whom you can grow in love. 

But in order to fall in love, the relationship must be healthy. What does that mean? Each person needs to feel honored, respected, listened to and valued. Because we are all unique, that can look very different. Yet there can also be many commonalities. 

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Watching these couples work at building their relationship prompted my husband and me to have a conversation about how we feel honored in our marriage. For him, it’s about feeling respected and that means:

  • Give him undivided attention when he is speaking. 
  • Seek his advice and find ways to show him he is wanted and needed. 
  • Focus on his intentions and forgive his shortcomings. 
  • Don’t expect him to read my mind! 

For me, it’s more important to feel loved. I need him to:

  • Speak to me with respect.
  • Listen with an open heart.
  • Admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness.
  • Show daily affection with touch…kissing, hand holding and hugs.

Each action or word leaves an impression and those impressions build to tell our story. Is your story one of trust, kindness, and integrity, one of angst, hurt and betrayal or a mixture? Life is not perfect. It’s full of ups and downs, twists and turns. But with resilience and forgiveness, we can persevere. 

We all have the power within us to write our own destiny. What chapter will Nick & Sonia and Tom & Lilly reveal at the end of the six-week experiment? 



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