Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight S:4 E:2 The Weddings Were A Wild Ride

This week’s episode of Married at First Sight” on FYI was a wild ride. If variety is the spice of life, then this show was HOT! We had downpours and sunbursts, awkwardness and affection, silence and laughter, drama and tenderness. In the end, all three couples vowed to give the next 6 weeks their best effort in hopes of finding love. 

Can they do it? Here’s my take…

Tom and Lillian 

Just one look…that’s all it took. Tom and Lilly had an immediate attraction and sizzling chemistry that oozed off the screen. They gazed into each other’s eyes like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook”Their vows spoke of commitment, being nurturing and faithful. Little did they know how soon those vows would be put to the test. 

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It was during a difficult conversation with her sister that Lilly proved she could address an issue with grace and dignity. Tom was there to support and show her he would always have her back…literally (see the hand). He used his good listening skills and made sure not to overstep his bounds. They handled the brief conflict brilliantly and passed the test with flying colors.  

There is lively conversation, exuberant laughs and playful affection the rest of the evening. It can take years to do what they did in a few hours…present themselves as a close, united couple. But is it too good to be true? I’m going to go with my gut and say it is TOTALLY meant to be. 

Derek and Heather

Open your heart and let love grow. Derek and Heather are in a place where they really want to fall in love…and I mean REALLY. Heather vowed to listen with patience & understanding and speak with encouragement & compassion. Derek committed to lay down his life like RobinHood, for her and their marriage.

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At first glance, Derek seems eager to please while Heather seems more vocal. When the demands of kissing her stranger husband became too overwhelming, she shared her feelings about forced PDA. For a moment, it took me back to Ashley and David…but just a moment. When Heather explained she’s uncomfortable being the center of attention, I breathed a sigh of relief. Earth to Bee: It’s okay to take things slow. 

Derek and Heather also have an immediate physical attraction, but they show it in a more subtle way. Derek compliments her and is considerate of her feelings. Heather is thoughtful to him and sweet to his mom. I ‘ll be watching to see if they can walk the balance beam to ensure each has an equal voice in this relationship. 

Nick and Sonia

Slow and steady wins the race. Nick and Sonia are definitely the most reserved of the three couples. It felt like we were watching them walk very tenderly on a path of eggshells. While Sonia is outgoing and bubbly, she needed an instruction book to read Nick, who is shy and introverted. 
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Their styles of communication are as polar opposite as the North & South Poles. Sonia needs verbal affirmation and Nick prefers showing his feelings through actions. While he had a difficult time telling her she was beautiful, it was clearly written like a tattoo all over his cheesing face.

I relate to Nick and Sonia because they are the most like my husband and I. What I hope to see from them is open and honest dialogue about what they need from each other. Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, will be critical to navigate through the ups and downs of the next 6 weeks. 


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  • Jane Stoll

    Very well done, Bee girl! I thought your 'take' on the whole deal was,'spot-on!' I think you and I are a little alike with our very maternal leanings. It is so hard to be patient here, and let nature take its course, one way or another!
    As excited, and hopeful as we all were before, during, and after the ceremonies, those previews for next week sent us realing, and for me, took me,straight back to Season 3ish heart-break. I shall have to continuously remind myself that with this 'kind' of social experimemt, these situations are bound to be the reality.
    I think these couples have been single for a reason. Let's hope their desire to find and develop true love, can motivate them in going to super-human lengths! I know, 'Calm down, Jane!'
    Thank you Bee, for journaling your thoughts and sharing them with us! It's like a little, 'mini' support group for us 'weally, weally' serious realty tv watchers!

  • Realitvwith Bee

    Thank you for the kind words, Jane. Marriage to someone you choose is a lot of work, so imagine what it would be like to marry a stranger! Lots of ups and downs for sure. My hope is to learn how to make my marriage better from watching. There will be some great advice and exercises from the two new experts!

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