Married at First Sight

How Married At First Sight is Changing the Narrative of Stereotype

From the lens of an equity/social justice advocate, the past few weeks have been a very unsettling time in my life. The very thing I am most passionate about, “freedom, justice and equality for all,” is being challenged. It’s gut-wrenching to watch people cheering in response to inflammatory statements based on stereotypes associated with race, gender, ethnicity, religion and disability. I had to take a step back. 

The premiere of “Married at First Sight” on FYI was just the diversion I needed. Having been a fan of the show since the first season, I couldn’t wait to focus my attention on the radical social experiment that arranges couples based on scientific data. What my world needed now was love, sweet love.

However, watching the premiere, I realized, “Married at First Sight” goes way beyond arranged marriages. Kinetic Content pushes the envelope and embraces difference like no other production company. We see the diversity that makes this country great. Whatever your race, socio-economic status, education, gender, faith or sexual orientation, you can see yourself reflected. 

One key to bridging gaps across difference is to break down the stereotypes associated with groups of people. As I watched the show, I realized that is exactly what was happening. Kinetic Content was presenting us with an alternate narrative.

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Lillian is a 24 year old immigrant from Nicaragua who defies every generalization associated with age, gender and ethnicity. She is an ambitious, well-educated and hard-working female entrepreneur. Like many others, Lilly came to this country to pursue the American dream…and pursue it she is. As a realtor, she works hard to help others fulfill their own personal dream…one of buying a home. 

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Often people associate living in an RV to living in poverty. Tom blows that assumption right out of the water. There is a huge movement that is moving to a more simplistic way of life. Tom embraces this simplicity and the freedom it offers to do what he loves, surfing. Owning his own yacht construction business gives Tom flexibility and allows him to use his creativity to help others. 

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Derek defies every label that is associated with a man raised without a father figure. He is grounded, with a positive attitude and a desire to make the most out of every dayAfter serving in the military, he obtained a degree and a successful job as an account executive. Bravo to all the single mom’s out there that are raising their sons to be great husbands and fathers. 

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Sonia’s roots may be in Costa Rica, but this sweet and spunky Hispanic woman has transported her heart of gold and impeccable work ethic to Miami. As a social worker, she works to place children in foster homes, often putting the needs of others above her own. Her innate ability to care for others is a great contribution to the community in which she serves. 

In the midst of a tumultuous time, Kinetic Content is challenging our assumption of rightness. The good that will come from breaking down the barriers of stereotype will far outreach the show. They have a platform and an opportunity to change lives and they are stepping up to the plate. 



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