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Married At First Sight Season 4 – Getting to Know the Singles

Production company Kinetic Content and FYI have given us a fresh start in season 4 of “Married at First Sight. With the new location of Miami, a  diverse group of singles and the addition of two new experts, Pastor Calvin Roberson and communications expert Dr. Rachel DeAlto along with sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwarz, there is renewed excitement. Loyal viewers have hope that this edgy social experiment can have the happy ending they saw with Jason & Cortney and Doug & Jamie on season 1.

Let’s meet four of the singles this season. 

Derek Schwartz

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Derek is 35 years old and lives in Miami, FL. He was raised by a single mother

and is the younger of two children. He served in the Navy before settling down into his current career as a marketing consultant.

His interests include spending time with his dog, working on his music in the studio and keeping active. Read below to find his sport of choice!

What is he looking for? His perfect match would be someone he is able to communicate with and make him laugh. His fear of failing at something that he fully commits to was one reason he decided to trust the experts to find him a match.  

Five things you need to know about Derek…

1. Lamborghini or Land Rover?

Lamborghini for sure!

2. Football or soccer?

I would have to go with football here, but basketball before either of them!

3. Dogs or cats?

Dogs! I have one named Josh.

4. Steak or Shrimp?

I’d want both but would take steak if I had to choose.

5. Mac or PC?

Mac (although I own a PC currently)

Heather Seidel

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Heather is a 32-year-old flight attendant living in Miami, FL. She enjoys traveling to new places, cooking for family and friends and leading an active lifestyle. 

Heather is fortunate to have great role models when it comes to marriage. She looks up to her parents and aspires to someday have that same loving relationship with her future husband. 

Heather is ambitious and strong-willed and wants to find a partner with a sense of humor, who can be her equal. She hopes the experts can find her that special someone to build her life with. He also must love sushi!

Five things you need to know about Heather…

1. Classical or Rap?


2. Sweet or sour?

Sweet. All day.

3. Pizza or sushi?


4. Chocolate or vanilla?


5. Predictable or spontaneous?


Tom Wilson

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Tom is a 28-year-old interior designer living in Miami, FL. He attended college in Texas and then moved to Hawaii. After doing a bit of traveling, he settled down into an RV he remodeled himself from a luxury tour bus. That’s what I call tiny house living!

He is the youngest of four children, with parents who divorced when he was young. But that hasn’t changed his outlook on marriage.

Tom is looking for someone who is humorous, dedicated and sincere. Although these core values are important, he also wants someone he can learn from and grow with. After trying the more traditional ways of finding love, he has decided to put fate in the hands of the experts.

Five things you need to know about Tom…

1. Rock or Country?


2. Truth or Dare?


3. Books or Movies?


4. Die Hard or National Lampoon’s Vacation?

Die Hard

5. Coke or Pepsi?


Sonia Granados

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Sonia is a 33-year-old who was born and raised in Miami, FL. When her parents divorced at 15, it was a difficult time in her life that still affects her today.  

She is a social worker, currently working to find foster care homes for refugee children. Her dream is to operate a successful non-profit organization. This woman speaks to my heart. 

Because of past experience, high on Sonia’s priority list is to find a man who is committed to family. Great communication and the ability to make her laugh are also important. 

After experiencing infidelity in previous relationships, she’s looking to the experts to find her a match that values honesty. 

Five things you need to know about Sonia…

1. Pretty Woman or The Notebook?

The Notebook

2. Pool or the beach?


3. Roses or wildflowers?


4. Sandals or Pumps?


5. Polka dots or stripes?

Polka dots


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