Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight S:4 E:1 Wedding Preparations

The first episode of “Married at First Sight Season 4 on FYI brought renewed excitement and hope for successful matches and marriages. The experts this season, sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, relationship expert Rachel DeAlto and marriage guidance counselor, Pastor Calvin Roberson, traveled to the culturally diverse city of Miami. After a grueling process of weaning over 33,000 applicants down to under 200, they finally chose six people to be married at first sight. 

Tonight was all about getting to know the six singles and why they were matched. Here is what we learned:

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  • an honest and kind man
  • loves his job of managing vacation rentals
  • a recent loss has put his life in perspective
  • puts a high value of family and love
  • is ready to go to the next stage
  • wants to commit to one person he can take care of


  • is a very caring person 
  • puts the needs of others ahead of her own
  • is in a great place personally and emotionally 
  • desires a best friend 
  • feels that love is everything 
  • wants to build a relationship and family

Seeing their individual personalities, it’s clear that Sonia wants this marriage to work with her whole heart. Nick seems very sincere. Losing his aunt put him at crossroads in life that led him to this. Will they be physically attracted to each other and will Nick’s mother accept Sonia? 

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  • a positive outlook on life 
  • likes to have fun 
  • recently got a new job he’s excited about
  • committed to being an awesome husband 
  • wants to take the next step of sharing his life with someone


  • grew up seeing a very healthy relationship with parents
  • wants to emulate mom’s example of a good wife and mother
  • content with job and who she is
  • desires to travel and be active with someone 
  • looking to fill the void of companionship with a life partner
They say that a guy’s relationship with his mother gives insight into the type of husband he will be. Derek clearly cherishes his mom, which is a good sign. With Heather, I see walls up due to past failed relationships. Can Derek make her feel safe and secure enough to bring them down?
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  • free spirited, open-minded entrepreneur
  • values compromise in a relationship  
  • creative and does what makes him happy
  • wants to be with someone he can connect with
  • is ready to love and support someone for the rest of his life


  • very independent, ambitious and looks for ways to better herself
  • has accomplished a lot in life and wants to share it with someone special 
  • steeped in culture and tradition
  • believes in love and wants everlasting matrimony
  • very affectionate and will make her man feel very loved
The biggest hurdle I see is the living arrangements for Tom and Lillian. Will a real estate agent be satisfied living in an RV-turned tour bus? Is Tom willing to compromise and relocate, if needed? 

On paper, everything is lined up for all three couples to have happy marriages. The experts provide the tools and support needed for a chance at success. But if we’ve learned one thing from watching the first 3 seasons, it’s that all is for naught without both people in the relationship being completely committed to doing the work. 

On night one, I can say I am cautiously optimistic. Next week can’t come soon enough. Everyone loves a good wedding…or three. 



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