The Women of #BlackLove S:1 E:8 & 9 Maybe Baby/Crash the Party

As we near the end of the #BlackLove journey, we’ve seen all five women go through a great deal of personal growth. 



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Jae admits that in the beginning, she did not believe in “the one”. With the help of Jack and Damona, she was able to realize she’s been running away from the hurt of past relationships. Now Jae has hope of finding someone to love and commit to.

Jae tells me, “A personal challenge I had is letting go of preconceived notions about what younger men and women would be like as potential partners. Damona councils that perhaps if I open myself up, I might find someone younger like me with as much to offer as I do.” 

Jae takes their advice to heart. She ends her relationship with Bentley, leaving her feeling unrestricted and free to explore her relationship with Nneka. She is happy and smiling with this second chance at finding love. Whether that’s with Nneka or someone else, Jae has opened herself up to all possibilities.



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Cynthia gets an uplift on her online dating profile to better show and express who she really is. With Damona’s help, she connects with Keith, who seems perfect for her in so many ways. 

They grab a cup of coffee at a cute little hole in the wall shop and the conversation is free-flowing and easy. Keith has also been divorced, so the two connect from their shared experience. Cynthia admits she enjoys the giddy, girly feeling…something she hasn’t felt in a long time. 

Cynthia refers to this as a life reset moment and states, “I didn’t expect to find love at the end of this process. It was more about making a decision, healing and starting over. Maybe there will have to be a season two because now I’m ready…for real!” 



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Although Monet is more open in her personality, she’s had to push herself out of her comfort zone in this process. She shares, “My personal challenge was overcoming my trust issues. These workshops started to break down my walls and expose things about myself I typically kept hidden.”

Monet realizes one of those hidden pieces was her concern over her biological clock. The decision to have her eggs frozen took the pressure off having babies. Knowing her future family is secure leaves her more relaxed and chill. 

Monet felt immediate sparks on her two dates with Kyle but the fact that he hasn’t called leaves her wondering if she overshared about her divorce. Having learned she wants a gentleman, Monet resists calling Kyle. She now knows that it’s okay to be herself and the right man will love all of her. 


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Tennesha decides to take her relationship with Errol to the next level and have him meet her parents, who are flying in from Minnesota (yay!). Their opinion definitely holds weight with her. Errol is honored and sees it as a sign that there is a future for them.

The epitome of vulnerability for Tennesha would be telling Errol she loves him. It’s hard for Tennesha to trust judgment. She knows what it feels like to be on a level of commitment that isn’t returned and it’s not a chance she is willing to take yet. 

Will she finally open up and tell Errol she loves him next week? She reveals to me, “My biggest lesson comes at the end of the season, so you’ll have to watch and see! I will say, that I learned that there is power in vulnerability. I had the ultimate test of openness and vulnerability and I realized just how far I had come.” 



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While her boo Karl is away visiting family in Ireland, La realizes her feelings for him run deep. She’s super bummed thinking Karl won’t be back in time for her birthday, but Karl has a surprise in store.

He has the girls arrange a photo shoot, which in reality is a surprise birthday party for La. Not only that, he flies home early to be with her. Women across the world are melting and wishing they had a Karl in their lives. 

When La sees what Karl has done for her, she gets emotional. La says she is no longer afraid of opening up, but haven’t heard the “L” word yet. Will she be able to finally tell Karl she is in love with him? We have our fingers crossed for next week! 

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