Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight – Journey Through the Lens of a Viewer S:3 E:13

In the 3 seasons of watching Married at First Sight, we’ve seen candidates come from very different walks of life, in an effort to find love. Each person brings a diverse background and a set of experiences that make them unique and relatable.
My blog has not been a recap of the show, rather a record of how viewers like me can learn and grow their own relationship from watching it.
As the season is coming to a close, I want to share my thoughts on what it takes for this social experiment to be successful.
First of all, I believe in the science behind Married at First Sight. I know romance can grow from friendship because I’ve experienced it myself in a past relationship. I also know for it to work, your heart and mind have to be wide open. 
Despite their best efforts, there are things the experts cannot predict. 
The assessments are self-reflective so there are no guarantees a candidate’s own personal views are how they will portray themselves in reality. Being willing to change and then actually following through can be like night and day. There is no way to prepare for this.
Chemistry is another thing that cannot be predicted, nor the willingness or unwillingness to work to develop chemistry, if it isn’t instant. 
A third factor, and perhaps the most important, is how candidates will react in front of cameras. You may think you know how you will respond, but having a record of your every word, thought, action and emotion on camera for the world to see, can be a scary thing. It can totally change a person.
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A critical component for  success of this social experiment is to put your complete trust in the experts. What does that mean?
  • Ask each expert why you were matched with your partner and use their extensive knowledge and scientific data to guide you
  • Go in with an open mind and be willing to change
  • Be inquisitive, ask questions and seek knowledge about your spouse
  • Find commonalities and ways to connect
  • Listen to and apply the advice the experts give, both personally and as a couple
  • Participate fully in the activities and exercises they assign
  • Follow through with your commitment to the process and stay engaged

We all want the couples to find love and live their happily ever after. But at the end of the day, it’s about the life lessons that can be learned from watching Married at First Sight. If we can take even a single golden nugget and apply it to ourselves or our relationship, then we’ve all grown from this journey. 

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