Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight – Journey Through the Lens of a Viewer S:3 E:11

We are coming down the homestretch of season 3 of Married at First Sight and things are getting real between the couples. 

This week I will share my lens on how I see conflict and keeping an open mind as it relates to this social experiment.


Resolving conflict can be a tricky thing when you and your spouse know each other well and have an established relationship. However, when you marry a stranger, there is no chance of that happening. You have to hit the ground running.

What’s even more tricky in conflict, is when the information presented from both sides does not align. When your words become a battle of who’s wrong and who’s right, compromise or resolution is nearly impossible. Frustrations mount and either tempers rise or you shut down. 

To further complicate things, what you are in conflict over is usually a much deeper issue that takes time to uncover. In this social experiment, time is one thing you don’t have. 

There are different levels of conflict. Everyone has deal-breakers set in place by their past experiences and moral compass. When those deal breakers are violated and trust is broken, it takes time and a willingness from both partners to build it again. 

Being Married at First Sight is a risk to take, but when you find the love of your life, it’s a risk worth taking. So how do you successfully maneuver in this social experiment?

Open Mind and Heart

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These couples have the tremendous opportunity to receive relationship advice, both as individuals and as couples. The four experts invest in the success of these marriages and hold nothing back when it comes to speaking their truth. They give the couples advice and tools to succeed, but it’s up to them to do the work. 

After watching all three seasons of Married at First Sight, I see a common thread between the success of this social experiment and having an open mind.

Having an open mind is creating a healthy environment in which you are able to learn and grow as a person. It takes brutal honesty; a willingness to take a hard look at yourself. Are you able to take in and receive new information, new concepts, new ideas? 

When your mind is open, you are able to learn from your mistakes. You take the advice from the experts, apply it to your marriage and willingly participate in the activities and homework.

With an open mind, you allow yourself to get to know someone that may not be your type. You can see their potential and build a connection, based on shared common interests and values. You grow to care for them as a person, through your shared experience. 

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

When you treat yourself and others with respect, it creates an environment where your partner can be honest and open in return. This sets the tone for a strong foundation. 

Being flexible is key in staying open to this process. One of my favorite sayings:

If you are flexible, you won’t get bent out of shape. ~Anonymous

Let go of your preconceived notions of a fairytale and let your happily ever after happen. Having an open mind allows you to open your heart. When you open your heart, all things are possible. 



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