My Diet is Better Than Yours

My Diet is Better Than Yours Season Premiere

Production company Kinetic Content is known for groundbreaking, quality programming, in shows like “Married at First Sight and “#BlackLove

In their newest series, “My Diet is Better Than Yours“, Kinetic teams up with Milojo Productions and +ABC Television Network to feature celebrity trainers that coach average Americans to lose weight and get in shape. 

Obesity is one of the biggest threats to our health. Each year billions of dollars are spent on obesity prevention, yet according to the most recent data released by, 34.9% of adult Americans are obese and 68.6% are overweight. 

Clearly, what we’ve been doing hasn’t been working. It’s time for a fresh, new perspective and this is it. 

Hosted by Shaun T, creator of workout phenomenon “Insanity”, five health and fitness experts bring their own wildly diverse diet and exercise plan to their contestant. In an interesting twist, competitors hold the power of elimination, sending their trainer packing if contestants don’t feel their fitness goals are being met. 

The Five Teams

The Superfood Swap Diet ~ Dawn & Jasmin 

Swapping processed foods to healthy superfoods can recharge your body with nutrients. Dawn will find ways to replace your cravings with superfood versions. Using cauliflower in the mac ‘n cheese was a hit with the family. Refined sugar or snacking is off limits…but you can have your occasional cake and eat it too. 

For Dawn’s starter kit and ebook, click here!

The Wild Diet ~ Abel & Kurt

 “Wild” is eating fresh foods from healthy sources that are high in fat and low in carbs. It’s all about steak, bacon, dark chocolate and butter in your coffee. The concept that fat burns fat is an interesting one and goes against the low-fat health craze that’s been pumped into our heads for decades. Adding in a 7 minute high-intensity daily workout completes this lifestyle change.  

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The Wellness Smackdown ~ Jovanka and Taj

Jovanka brings a holistic approach to weight loss and health that combines herbalism and an anti-inflammatory vegan diet. She starts by cleansing with juicing and smoothies, adds fresh vegetables, seeds and whole grains. With the addition of some deep core breathing and oil massage, both mind and body are eliminated of toxins. 

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The No Diet Plan ~ Jay and Jeff

The focus is on changing behavior to create a new mindset for weight loss. It’s about spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects…purple sheets to induce sleep and blue plates to suppress the appetite. It’s time to step into life with emotion and passion. 

For Jay’s No Diet Plan, click here

The cLean Momma Plan ~ Carolyn and Latasha

This concept simplifies healthy living for busy people with taskercise; combining exercise with every day tasks to burn calories. Who knew you could get a full workout of squats, lunges and weight lifting while shopping for groceries? 

For more on the cLean Momma Plan, click here!

The difference between “My Diet is Better Than Yours” and other weight-loss shows?

  • Contestants remain at home, surrounded by family, living their real lives.
  • Trainers come to them to adjust patterns and behaviors in their home and work environments, making it more possible for lifelong change.
  • Contestants are in the driver seat. If they don’t feel success with their initial trainer, they have one shot at replacing them. 
  • Viewers don’t have to choose! We get the benefit of learning diet and exercise tips from a diverse group of celebrity trainers…absolutely free!

My Thursday nights belong to “My Diet Is Better Than Yours” on ABC at 9/8c. Join me and let’s make 2016 our best year for great health! 

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Screencaps made by Bee, credited to ABC.