My Diet is Better Than Yours

My Diet is Better Than Yours S:1 E:3

Weeks five and six into the +ABC Television Network groundbreaking experiment, “My Diet is Better Than Yours,” we see major changes in the participants. 

This week, they each experienced a challenge with their mindset, proving that no matter what food plan you follow, you have to have your head in the right place.

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The first milestone challenge that Anna Kaiser planned was a 5K race and it was not without incident. Jeff had to step off due to illness and Taj shut down due to a personal struggle. 

La’Tasha, who is playing catch up starting with a new trainer, was happy to just finish the race. Kurt and Jasmin were neck and neck to the finish, but Jasmin pulled away for the win. 

In the second milestone challenge, all five reached their max heart rate during an endurance test. Jasmin rocked the plank the longest to also win the second challenge. 

The Five Teams

Rob & La’Tasha #NutrientTiming Plan
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Nutrient timing is about eating wholesome vegetables, complete proteins and moderate fats. In addition to a solid food plan, Rob believes in an aggressive, intense workout plan. La’Tasha struggles to stay focused on her first workout and Rob realizes he has his work cut out for him. 

Disappointed that she didn’t complete the 1-minute plank at the milestone challenge, La’Tasha shows us how it’s done and nails it at the 2nd week weigh-in. She loses a total of 9 lbs. in two weeks with Rob, confirming she made the right decision to swap trainers.

Here are Rob’s tips for success this week:

  • Small portions can reduce glucose & insulin levels.
  • A small portion is a palm of protein, two fists of vegetables and two thumbs of good fats.
  • Eat 3-4 meals a day with the above ratio of proteins, veggies and fats.
  • 10 oz. of goat cheese has 1200 calories and 100 grams of fat.
  • Sweating releases toxins which increases weight loss.
For more information on Rob’s plan click here.


Abel & Kurt #TheWildDiet
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Kurt has a major hurdle to overcome with his son’s wedding and family festivities. He takes his son and daughter-in-law out to eat and gives them a lesson in how to fit, “The Wild Diet” into his daily life. He asks the server questions about grass-fed beef and GMO’s, explaining the importance of eating clean to his family. 

We can all relate to the mind games that Kurt had to deal with this week. No matter how much weight he’s lost, he still sees himself as the “heavy” man. 

Despite a week of damage control, Kurt is in first place, losing 50 lbs. in 6 weeks. 

Here are Abel’s tips:

  • Grass-fed meat contains more antioxidants and trace minerals than grain-fed meat.
  • Glycemic index measures how much a food affects blood sugar levels.
  • Baked sweet potatoes have a glycemic index of 94, boiled have an index of 46.
  • Eating low carbs burns more fat.
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Jay & Jeff #NoDietPlan
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Jeff had to overcome the obstacle of being ill and missing some workouts this week. While that can certainly mess with your mind, Jay makes sure Jeff gets the rest, nutrition and fluids he needs.

Jeff becomes the beast this week, vowing to lose 100 lbs. of weight from this point to the final weigh-in at week 14.

Jay rocks it, teaching Jeff and viewers the psychology of supermarket shopping. Here are his top tips:

  • Go into the store prepared with a list.
  • Shop the perimeter of the store.
  • Get colorful whole veggies as a less expensive alternative to precut veggies.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods in the bullseye zone.
  • Alkaline water aids in weight loss by breaking down fatty essentials in food.
  • Ask for organic meats and fish.

For Jay’s No Diet Plan, click here. 

Dawn & Jasmin #SuperfoodSwap Plan
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A big part of Dawn’s plan is having a healthy attitude and self-love, every step of a weight loss journey. The struggle is real for Jasmin to get rid of her box of “fat girl” clothes. It’s something that millions of viewers also struggle with.

Although Jasmin knows it represents years of trying and failing, the message that she may need those clothes again is playing strong. Dawn says she needs to get out of her own way and start believing in herself. In the end, Jasmin confronts her fears, realizes she is no longer that person and gives up the box. 

She is fortunate to have the support of her husband, who is the main chef in the house. They discuss the long-term sustainability of the program over dinner. Having both lost over 25 lbs. they couldn’t be more thrilled to fit into their wedding rings again. 

Jasmin not only won both challenges, she also won the first weigh-in, proving she is a major contender. 

Dawn shares these tips:

  • Variety is an important key to having fun and keeping connected with exercise.
  • Ramp up the exercise program each week to increase the intensity.

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Jennifer & Taj #StrongSafeandSexy Plan
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This was a tough week for #teampink. When Taj walked off at the 5K race, I wasn’t sure if we would see her again. It took a lot of guts to come back and then reveal she is going through a divorce, something she didn’t want to invite the world in on. 

How do you find that balance when your personal life directly affects your personal goals?

Taj takes the standpoint that she can’t be responsible for shouldering the thoughts, opinions and expectations of other people. Under normal circumstances, I would totally agree. However, I have to stand with Jennifer that when you are part of a team, what you do directly affects every member of that team. As a viewer, I could see the pain the other members experienced when Taj left. 

Jenn teaches Taj to use the personal and emotional challenge as a way to dig deep and fight harder for strength and focus. This is a good life lesson for us all. The next challenge Taj is all in and takes 2nd place. 

For Jennifer’s Strong, Safe and Sexy plan click here.

Shaun T
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Shaun T drops a bomb, shocking participants, trainers and viewers alike. He reveals next week will be the last with their chosen expert. The last 7 weeks of the program, contestants will be on their own. 

This feels like a huge advantage for Kurt, Jeff and Jasmin, who’ve been with the same trainer for the entire 7 weeks. La’Tasha seems to have the biggest disadvantage, just beginning her journey with Rob and learning about his food/exercise plan. 

The real test, is which diet is the most successful as they live their lives in the real world? Will Jeff be able to follow through with his commitment to losing an additional 100 lbs.? Who will complete the half marathon in order to qualify for the final weigh-in? 
And finally, who will lose the highest percentage of body fat and prove that their diet is better than the rest?

Tune in next week to get the answers to all these questions! 

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