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The Women of #BlackLove – Hopes, Reflections of S:1 E:1

Production company Kinetic Content and FYI network nail it once again with groundbreaking and authentic programming. Their newest docu-series, #BlackLove, follows five women, through ten weeks of relationship therapy. It’s a journey of self-discovery, friendship and finding love. 
This is a journey that millions of single people can relate to. Love is universal. Finding acceptance and inner happiness are key to building a lasting relationship. But it takes brutal honesty. That’s where the experts come in. 
Jack Daniels

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Jack is a psychotherapist, best selling author and known as the “king of breakthroughs”. 

With a focus on emotional growth and the development of relationships, his goal is to teach these women how to get unstuck and stay out of their own way. 

Damona Hoffman
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Damona is a certified dating coach who specializes in helping women overcome their dating obstacles. 

Her goal is to have these women honestly look at what drives their dating decisions, to ensure they find relationships that are truly satisfying to them. 
To start this journey, each of the girls were asked to define exactly what they are looking for in a relationship. The lessons they learned about themselves were eye-opening. 

Monet Bell
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For Monet, 34, her first two priorities are to find someone that wants to get married and have children. It’s also important that the man be established. 

When it comes to men in her age bracket, Monet’s experience is that some have, “Peter Pan syndrome,” and don’t want to grow up. “I don’t want a starter project…no build-a-bears,” she says. 

While Monet initially thought she wanted a “traditional” man, with Jack’s help, she’s able to define that she wants a gentleman; someone like her father, that will consider her feelings and make her feel loved. 

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Monet shares, “I’m surprised how something as simple as changing the language I use, such as saying I want a gentleman, could make such a huge difference in my viewpoint. It changed how I thought about men and what I actually wanted in a partner.”

Another break-through moment for Monet is realizing that she needs to forgive herself for her failed marriage with Vaughn. Without that forgiveness, she can’t heal and move forward. 

Monet states, “My hope coming into this process, was that I would figure out how I was getting in my own way of finding love. I wanted to make sure I was putting my best foot forward”. 

It seems like she’s off to a good start. I’m excited to take this journey of self-discovery with her. We want our girl to find her perfectly built papa bear, whatever that looks like.

Tennesha Wood
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Tennesha, 31, wants the fairytale…the prince charming, sweeping her off her feet and living happily ever after…kind of fairytale. 

As an independent, strong, woman and a high powered executive, being in control comes natural to her. But it’s definitely had an affect on her relationships. “It’s hard for me to let a man be a man,” she says. (or a prince be a prince) 


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Errol is the first guy in a very long time that has the potential to sweep her. In addition to having chemistry, he’s funny, attractive and has goals. 

But being a perfectionist can drive a man away, so the timing is perfect for personal growth.

Tennesha explains, I am surprised at how much clarity I gained about who I am. Jack and Damona approached this process in a unique way. It wasn’t just about finding a man, they encouraged us to take a good, honest look at ourselves before searching for a partner.” 

Throughout this process, Tennesha spends a lot of time reflecting on who she was in past relationships and the values that are important to her. 

“My hope is to find my best friend, who I just happen to be in love with. Not just a man to be with, but a man to GO through things with and GET through things with; someone I can share every single little amazing, happy, silly, smart, emotional, weird part of myself with. That’s what I’ve been missing in my life,” she says. 

Will Tennesha get her fairytale ending? We can’t wait to see! 


Jamil Jae Eady
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Jamil “Jae”, 26, admits to being in a very self-absorbed time in her life. “Girls just want to have fun,” is her tune. 

“The men I tend to date are older, experienced, global and sophisticated,” she says. 
Jae is interested in exploring all possibilities, including having an open relationship that may even include another woman.  
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Damona tries to uncover what drives Jae’s decision to exclusively date older men. When the conversation leads to her past, Jae becomes defensive. 

“It’s difficult to confront your past and emotionally go back to places that made you feel uncomfortable,” says Damona. 
Jae admits that growing up in poverty has impacted her decisions and agrees to be more open-minded about dating men closer to her age. 

Finally, Jae wonders, “Can I live on my terms, maintain my independence and my sense of freedom, but also find a relationship that’s fulfilling?”

That seems like a tall order. We’ll have to tune in to find out! 

Laree Thomas
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Laree “La”, 35, is an independent, confident travel adviser who does what she wants and tells it like it is. This girl has edge. 

While her preference is to date tall, dark-skinned somewhat athletic men, most often she’s approached by white men.

She shares, “A personal challenge that I have is opening up to people, which may seem crazy, since I’ve signed up for opening up to the world!”  We’re down with a little cray, girl!  

When it comes to relationships, her walls are up as high as ‘The Rock’. La explains, “My hope coming into this process, is that I will obtain a new set of tools that will help me to continuously grow for the better and give me new strategies in the quest for love.” 

The ultimate goal for La is to learn how to find a man that will take good care of her heart, when she gives it away. 

Can she bring down those walls and share her heart? We’re in this right with her! 

Cynthia Branch
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With her first marriage ending, Cynthia, 38, feels like she has a second chance at getting it right. “I’m newly single. I just want to find love again,” she says. 

Growing up in a very bad neighborhood in New York, she had to be strong to survive.
Cynthia is clear about looking for someone who will love, protect and stay by her side for the long haul. 
In the past, she has dated only black men. But her friend of 10 years, Monet, has convinced her to explore the option of finding love in whatever way it presents itself.

Will the failure of her first marriage have an impact on Cynthia’s ability to trust again? This is going to be compelling to watch. 

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