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Married at First Sight S:3 E:2 Wedding Preparation

After a very long wait for the premiere of Married at First Sight Season 3, production company Kinetic ContentFYI and A&E networks, did not disappoint. They brought viewers on a 3-hour roller coaster ride that left us all hanging on the edge of our seats. 
For those of you new to my blog, you will find it a mixture of sweet, snarky, solemn and sensible…because well, that’s life. 
For the matches this season, I truly hold you to the highest regard. I respect your bravery and willingness to put yourselves out there in front of the cameras and millions of viewers. If I question your thoughts or actions on camera, please don’t take it personally. It’s meant as a tool for learning. 
For the experts, you know the value I place on the advice and activities you bring to viewers. It can lead to honest and open dialogue about communication, compromise, emotional intimacy, trust and how our past impacts all of those things. Watching Married at First Sight has changed my marriage and my life…and that’s reality TV at it’s finest. 

David and Ashley
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David is a kind and considerate man that is uber excited about life. He’s all in when it comes to relationships, but that can scare women away. Being married at first sight could be the answer for him. 

His all or nothing persona comes through whether he’s playing sports, picking out a wedding ring, or partying with the guys. 

The loss of his father at a young age and the responsibility that followed molded him into the role of a caregiver. He’s very cognizant of his role in a relationship. 

The heartfelt letter to Ashley’s mother and step-father put them at ease and assured them their daughter would be his #1 priority. He gets a gold star for this one.

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Ashley is conservative, but also a risk-taker. She doesn’t make quick decisions, yet she’s getting married at first sight. Fascinating.

Like David, she’s a caregiver who’s committed to family and career. She has a clearly defined set of values to raise her children with. 

Ashley is a goal-setter. With an undergraduate degree in psychology and a masters in social work, she now seeks a nursing degree. That’s what you call a lifelong learner.  

Carrying herself with a certain level of class is important and she holds her ground to her bridesmaids. 

I totally respect the fact that she is true to herself and wants to have no regrets.

I can’t wait to see how she navigates this fast-paced and intense social experiment, as she builds her relationship with David. 

Samantha and Neil

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Samantha has an exuberance for life that draws me in. She has all the feels and I love it. Anyone that has me both laughing and crying multiple times in an hour, is my kind of girl.

Sam relates well to all people and believes that the best relationships come out of friendships. Boom. To avoid being alone, she fills her time with quirky little creatures…that no one has ever heard of…and she masters the art of aerial silks. She definitely lives outside of the box.Her grandmother’s approval just before passing, is karma. This is her destiny in life. While her mother wants her to fall in love first, she understands that Sam has never followed a traditional path. 

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Neil is pure entertainment. He randomly sends out one-line zingers and the most introspective and thought-provoking statements.  

Did he just say, “a monster in the sack”? Oh, yes, he did…and giving up bacon is definitely a deal-breaker.

Understanding his mother is nervous for him, he eloquently states,
“Love is defined by vulnerability. Giving someone the power to completely destroy you emotionally…and trusting the fact that they won’t.”  

Comfortable with career and finances…he’s ready to find someone to go to dinner and the movies with. I’m guessing he’ll avoid belly dancing though…the old man boogie is not a good look. I love that he can laugh at himself. 

The science behind the matching and the success of his grandparent’s arranged marriage makes Neil confident this is right for him.

Tres and Vanessa


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Tres and his family speak to me. What an example of strength, love, compassion and resilience they are. 

Tres admits that being abandoned by his mother when he was 3 has affected his relationships. After all, if the person that carried and gave birth to you can leave, how can you trust anyone else?

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This is how. The family that raised him are seriously the bomb. His grandmother and Aunt Lynda’s love for Tres just oozes off the screen and wraps around you like a warm blanket. The front row is dressed to the nines and that plaid suit is everything. But the best part is the whooping and hollering in support of their boy. 

Walking around to personally introduce and shake the hand of every single person that came to the wedding??? Priceless. A guy with that level of integrity is not leaving his bride at the altar. I predict he’s going to do something amazing. Here’s your chance to go buy stock in Kleenex…you’re going to need it.

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I definitely relate to Vanessa’s moral compass. I find myself shaking my head in agreement with her. I may or may not have shouted, “yes!” once or twice during the episode…until my husband gave me “the look”.  

Vanessa is going into this with the mindset that divorce is not an option. She hopes to be a wife her husband can be proud of. Most importantly, she’s committed to always having her husband’s back. That, my dear, is what marriage is about. Vanessa’s wish is to have her breath taken away when she sees her husband.

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This my own personal lens on walking the journey of Married at First Sight. It does not represent any person involved in the show and any similarities are coincidental.