Interviews with Former Contestants,  Seven Year Switch

Rachel Farris Shares Exclusive Insight Into FYI’s Seven Year Switch

FYI Network is my go-to channel for entertainment. When partnered with production company Kinetic Content, the result is an innovative and groundbreaking reality TV.

FYI’s Married At First Sight was an overnight success based on its authenticity, relatability and expert relationship advice.

In their new series, Seven Year Switch, four couples participated in a radical social experiment – switch therapy – where they lived with an experimental spouse in an attempt to save their troubled marriage. 

Although a skeptic at first about Seven Year Switch, I was quickly convinced it was must-see TV. The intensity and momentum continued to build each week and left me wanting more. 

Rachel Farris, 38 and CW McGee 37, of Nashville, TN, are one of four couples that participated in the experiment. I felt an immediate connection with Rachel. I loved the integrity she brought to the process and the way in which she made her experimental spouse, Eric Wolf, 28 of Thousand Oaks, CA, feel totally at ease when opening up. 

In this interview, Rachel shares her biggest fear, surprise and profound moment on the show:

B: How did you hear about Seven Year Switch (SYS)?

R: I heard about SYS through a casting company. They called, hoping we’d be interested in the experiment and knew of us from another show we declined. The show we declined didn’t seem to be genuinely trying to help marriages.

B: Can you share what prompted you to consider doing this radical social experiment?

R: After many questions, we knew SYS was not like the other show. They sincerely were offering a rare opportunity to try something way outside of the box to help, not break, our marriage. It’s also hard to find expert therapists who can see the deeper level issues quickly, and I knew from Married at First Sight (MAFS), that FYI and Kinetic Content would employ some of the top in their field.

B: What was your biggest fear going into it?

R: I feared the expert therapists would tell me that I was truly too sensitive and that I needed to work on being less sensitive. I also feared that my husband would be able to connect and be emotionally intimate, paired with a less sensitive woman. Either way, I needed answers.

Eric Wolf and Rachel Farris – FYI

B: How long did it take you to feel comfortable with your experimental spouse?

R: I was immediately comfortable. There was nothing threatening about Eric. He was like a big Teddy Bear of a guy.

B: Was there anything you saw when you watched the episodes that surprised you?

R: I was surprised to hear CW describe me as ultra conservative. I don’t see myself that way at all. For starters, if I were, I would never have signed on for this radical therapy! I’m really open-minded and accepting. And sometimes, I push the envelope. But I always stay true to myself and my values, so that’s probably what he was referring to.

B: What was the most profound thing you learned in the first few days of the experiment?

R: I knew right away that my internal energy was different and completely relaxed. It was like a heavy weight had been lifted from my spirit. I didn’t have to hold anything in and I could think and see more clearly.

CW McGee and Rachel Farris – FYI

B: What is one thing we can expect to see in the last episode?

R: I learned so much and it’s time to be reunited with my spouse. There will be some things to sort through and a chance to apply what I’ve learned.

Now that I’ve strengthened my voice and reconnected to my fun, light-hearted self, things should be much different at home. 


Will Rachel and husband CW choose to save their marriage and apply what they learned in switch therapy? Tune in to FYI on Tuesdays at 9/8c, for Seven Year Switch to find out. 

Rachel Farris – FYI

Rachel is also an amazing singer/songwriter. To hear her new single, She is Loved, produced by Colbie Caillat and OneRepublic’s Mikal Blue, click on the link below: 



  • kenkap99

    Rachel's a dope. Wait until she finds out how he lied to her face. He has no morals and is a control freak. I hope she leaves him. She will be shocked because the truth will come out. What was CW thinking? His lie would not get onscreen?

  • Anonymous

    He is a weak man, so much so, that he controls every moment of her life, and indeed, he controls everyone he interacts with, as he did with the therapists on the last episode.

    I suspect he tried to prevent her from seeing the last episode tonight, but certainly she will hear from others. I'm so upset that he can manipulate everyone around him the way he does.

    The show portrays him as a hard worker, when in reality, he is so weak that he has learned to resort to manipulation, lies, and he exhibits a total lack of empathy.

    Hope he can stand living with himself for the rest of his life.

  • niki68

    C.W. has dug himself into the spiral, where he will expend much more energy trying to prevent Rachel from either seeing the lie episode, or from learning about it, than the energy it would have taken for him to work through the truth with her. As for her, she needs to grow up. She gives her power over to 'daddy', and has her own hand in creating the destructive dynamic that defines their relationship. And of course the show therapists see all that clearly.

  • Anonymous

    CW is terrifying he seems absolutely controlling and domineering. The last episode he didn't even allow her yo speak. He likes to over power Rachel and he uses different methods to force people to subject to what he thinks.I think that a man who wears a suit to another room is mad. No doubt the main reason why he works at home is because he is in control and doesn't have to listen to anyone higher up. He is psychopath just look at his eyes he might be smiling but his eyes are dead. And to basically suggest that Danielle is lying after she thought of him so highly . I feel sorry for Rachel but if she had sense she would go to her family and ask them to help her get out of the relationship, he seems like the type of man that would stalk her especially since his first wife divorced him. I think Rachel should go to the first wife and find out why she left CW. Hope Rachel sees all of these comments and gets the strength and drive to leave him

  • Anonymous

    This couple is religious and I'm sure CW feels he was leading his marriage in a positive direction by the choices/lies he made. He may feel overwhelmed by Rachel's initial emotions to negativity and feels by shutting the "tears" down she's less unhappy. And of course his nature is to be in control. I do feel he loves his wife deeply. However, without addressing his and her feelings, his control will be negative issue in their marriage. He married the hot Amy Grant-ish Christian singer, well the artist is a whole package. As a fan of "home school" Rachel, she has allowed this process to pave their relationship. She is very smart and has an understanding of people and their emotions. I'd say she needs to address the muzzle she wears in this marriage before there is true deep resentment that cannot be cured. And while CW is out being the corporate hero, Rachel should find the her own stage/limelight to frame her success.

  • cujokay

    CW's blatant lie to Rachel tells me he doesn't respect her and does not feel he owes her any explanations. It's his way or no way. Danielle had already told Rachel the truth so CW'S lie seems even more meaningless. Also he had to know the show was going to air and she would eventually find out. He doesn't care. Rachel, RUN! This is NOT the man for you.

    It's not like there was one incident of him drinking with Danielle, (even one is too much when you've promised not to do it), there were several. They practically drank every time they had dinner. He lied to you with a straight face while you were honestly trying to bring something good back to the marriage

    You can do soooooooooooooooo much better, love.

    Rachel is such a sweet loving woman and she deserves much better than CW.

    I get the STRONG feeling that he wants he to be a Stepford Wife; there but silent.

  • Anonymous

    Rachel's unwillingness to unmute herself and stand up to CW was difficult to watch. She is convinced she is broken and if she were better, did better, and thought like him, the marriage would be great. Controllers are insecure, unhappy and consumate game players, their lives need to be scripted. Rachel is probably isolated from her support system to preserve control. Rachel probably doesn't know anymore what is true. She has a very long recovery ahead of her I am not sure she is ready to stand up to CW. Whether her fear is faith based or driven by self doubt, it will take courage. I could call CW a coward, but that is not helpful. CW needs to confess he is controlling; find out why, and deal with it. He made a fool of himself by lying to his wife on national TV. I wonder how his employer will react to his dishonesty, whether they will question his success, will they continue to trust his input, how he gets results, and represent their firm in light of his lies? He didn't blink when he lied, or demanded the topic be tabled forever. Would you conduct business with him or the firm? He will rationalize the lie(s) and put the onus on Rachel's "sensitivity" – vowing protection, he will be her savior. He will rationalize everything and place the "blame" for deciet on everyone else while trying to convnice all it was in the name of protection. His refusal to seek therapy is classic. Therapy would expose him and that is terrifying. He wouldn't be able to control the therapist OR Rachel, "the love of his life". CW will minimize the therapists outside of the session, convincing Rachel the therapists don't know or understand anything about their special relationship, they don't know the dynamics or enjoy the respect he and Rachel have for one another, and he would point out everything Rachel said during the session he found offensive, accuse her of being insincere and/or fake in her demeanor to get sympathy and convince the therapist to side with her. If the therapist suggests he correct anything or give him more effective tools for being a partner, ongoing therapy would end immediately. I want to berate Rachel for being spineless and whiney until I remember what I turned into before I recognized the abuse and started caring for myself. Every day she allows the abuse to continue and thinks losing her marriage is more important than the health of her soul and spirit, a little piece of her will die. Her life will be relegated to the minutae of shopping for hair care supplies and deodorants. She has allowed herself to be minimized to chores he considers himself above – what does that say about his love for her? What does it say about where he places her in his mind and heart? It says she is a convenient maid and hooker when needed for his gratification. Harsh but true? The longer she accepts this the more damage she inflicts upon herself. I question the authenticity of Rachel and CW. Did you enter the "experiment" for fame and notoriety? Do you really want to fix your marriage? In light CW's lies and the evident continued control, will you do anything to help yourself? If you entered the experiment to fix your marriage, CW should be mortified, begging foregiveness, and actively seeking therapy.
    You had a public forum to disect your relationship under the guise of help – did seeing yourselves on televison provide a harsh wake up call? Do you now recognize how you have been deceived? Did seeing it make any difference? Did it make you realize that CW is in it for what he gets, not what he gives? Do you see the conditions he sets on the relationship and the parameters you will need to accept and conform to in order to stay with him? Is it worth losing yourself completely to get the conditional crumbs you are being doled? This marriage is doomed. I ache for both of you but staying without dramatic change should not be an option. You need to require more than this of youself and him.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your response Mary. I believe CW may have been raised Mormon. And I believe that's where he feels that his marriage/family is his responsibility for control. We viewed his lie on TV. However, everyone is flawed and I'm not condoning his action. I'm only trying to understand his choices. I still believe he loves his wife Rachel. It is easy to label him the villain who can never change. But this is also Rachel's life and her marriage and we need to let her choose her path and discern CW's love and choices. In this day we treat the institution of marriage to be on a fence where it is easy to cut and run when the going gets rough. If she wants to try and fight for her marriage and hold fast to the vows they said on their day then she needs support. Marriage isn't a fun party (with crab cakes) and a signature on a form to be tossed at the first wake in a boat. I've known couples who have made it 30,40,70 years who can look at each other and say "I thought you were going to abandon ship a few times, but we're here." Let Rachel decide if that fire is out. Maybe this public lie is what is needed to change the wind in their long journey. And if they are religious, then one can only pray! Have a great week 🙂

  • Lisa Moore

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  • Anonymous Also

    Lying is not just something a person does. Lying is part of a larger personality disorder which CW has. He's lacks empathy, sympathy and self-awareness. He's narcissistic. The last thing anyone should do is support staying with him. Thankfully she smartened up and saw him for the creep that he is. Interesting how some people use religion to justify being abusive and manipulative.

  • Anonymous

    She wont find out because he's got her so wound up on a leash that he will make sure she doesn't watch the episodes…. and that dopey stepford wife will believe his cock n bull story "its not good for the forward thinking of our marriage to watch it…. so we will not be watching"
    And if she happens to hear from friends that he was drinking or sees it online then he will bullshit her again and say "its just grape juice" or they edited it to make it look like that …. or he'll shut her down like he does with all the other things she brings up and he doesnt like what hes hearing….. he treats her like shit…. shes convinced herself shes happy…. when she finally wakes up to herself she'll be 15 years in and his fix for her talking will be duct tape (and he'll spin thats normal in a relationship haha)…. she gives dumb blonde an entire new meaning!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He wears a suit because most of his meetings are probably on Skype or video conference. And even if you work from home, you still have a boss and actually have to work. It's the same as if your body is in an office somewhere.

    Rachel is so flaky and flighty and her "music" sucks. She's one of those women who latch onto a guy to take care of her and buy her designer dresses, then complains about him not spending time with her or being controlling while she likes to play the victim and spend his money. She's a twit and a little girl who likes to play around in fantasy land while her husband works.

    I agree that he is controlling and a liar about the drinking, but they are just mis-matched. I think if he were with a Danielle, he wouldn't want or be able to pull that shit. Rachel has no backbone, and he doesn't respect her.

  • Anonymous

    CW sure is a blatant liar. Wonder exactly how many bottles of "vino" he got through in thet2 weeks with his other wife. How stupid to think it would not be broadcast. Glad she finally got out of the marriage for good.