Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight Season 2 Episode 7

New Year’s Resolutions

This week’s episode of Married at First Sight, the matches ring in their first New Year as married couples. 

I have to say, combining both seasons, this was by far, the most difficult episode to watch. The real and raw emotion is at times, heart-wrenching. 


Sean and Davina


After leaving Davina alone in their new apartment for two days, Sean arrives to give this relationship a shot.

Davina pours her heart out and lays exactly what she needs on the line. This girl can communicate.

Sean is mentally and emotionally exhausted and can’t focus.

He hopes a walk will clear his head.

Fortunately, his thoughts send him back…which is a step in the right direction.

Not knowing which way to turn, he calls Dr. Joseph Cilona…

…who advises Sean to focus on developing his relationship with Davina in the present.

This makes Davina smile, and we love it. That’s how you spell relief. 

They enjoy a night out with no expectations or pressure. 

And just like that…the magic reappears…in the longest NYE kiss evah….

But is it enough for Davina to start trusting in Sean and the process?

Ryan and Jaclyn


These two continually make me laugh.


Sexual innuendos abound, as they put together their first piece of furniture. 

Ryan gets a lesson on how to turn it up a notch on the steamer.

Jaclyn rewards him with her touchy, feely side.

Awww…a New Year’s Eve forehead kiss.

They commit to putting the other first to move forward with a successful relationship. 

And if that isn’t enough to give you a serious case of the feels, Ryan proposes to Jaclyn…

…acts all romantical by arranging candles to their wedding date and they jump for joy as the clock strikes midnight.

Clearly, the fam is impressed with Ryan at the New Year’s Day gathering.  

Jaclyn’s maternal clock is ticking. She has what Dr. Pepper Schwartz calls, “baby hunger”. I love that term.

But just when we thought things were moving along at a good pace, Ryan puts the skids on. He isn’t ready to commit to fatherhood, especially when he still feels the weight of responsibility back home. 

Ryan and Jessica


Lack of communication continues to play a key role in the disconnect with these two.

Ryan decides to go off on Jess about ironing on the bed. Oh…and he commits a major faux pas. Never, ever ask a woman if she is going to cry. 

Taking a stand, she disregards the table and goes back to ironing on the bed. The viewing audience erupts with fist pumps.

On New Year’s Eve, they get relationship advice from friends and REALLY celebrate with, wait for it…Greek food! Yay! 

Jess is happy she gets her kiss at midnight. 

With a morning heart-to-heart, it feels like things are back on track. 

Ryan even lends a helping hand to clear the sushi dishes. Jess must have asked nicely. ; )

However, tension has been building. Constantly biting her tongue seems to be getting the best of her.  

Ryan decides to confront Jess about not getting a home cooked meal.

When she finally speaks up, things quickly escalate out of control. I can start to feel knots forming in my neck and shoulders. 

Ryan walks away and threatens to be done. 

Despite that fact, I see progress this week. Ryan’s been asking Jess to communicate with him and she’s starting to open up. But he needs to show Jess respect. If a woman does not feel honored, respected, listened to or valued in a relationship, it is difficult to build a foundation of trust. 


A Bee in My Bonnet 

This week’s “Bee” is compelled by my 2-hour search through the negativity on social media, to find “Top Tweets” for my blog. 

To bring a multiple perspective, I’d like you to consider this…

We have 3 couples, who YES, did agree to this social experiment and YES, knew it would be filmed and aired on TV. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that these are not actors that are paid to play a role. These are real people, with real lives, real feelings and real hearts.

This is a social experiment, a six week journey that each couple goes through. We are seeing a very small portion of their lives each week. Production is editing the most dramatic and often unbalanced, pieces of their journey. A journey that is not perfect. It is authentic, real and tough and it can be painful and uncomfortable to watch. 

So why do I watch? For me, it’s not about having a fairytale ending for each couple. It’s about what I can learn from their journey’s.


Every Tuesday, my husband and I watch Married at First Sight. We see pieces of ourselves in each person and relationship. 

We listen to advice from the experts. We reflect on where we started as a couple and how far we’ve come. We talk about what we are doing well and what we could improve upon. Watching Married At First Sight has brought a fresh, new perspective to our marriage of 36 years. This is groundbreaking TV and that’s why I watch.

So in closing, I would like to thank Ryan & Jessica, Sean & Davina and Ryan & Jaclyn, for putting themselves out there. I applaud your bravery. By allowing us to see your most intimate moments, good and bad, millions of viewers, like us, are able to learn and grow in their own personal relationships. 

Until next week….
All screen caps made by Bee, courtesy of FYI, and A&E

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