Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight S:2 E:9 Conflict

Conflict and Conversation

We couldn’t be more thankful that Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Joseph Cilona was there to help these couples through some very complex issues in this week’s episode. ***huge round of applause*** 

Ryan and Jessica

Ryan and Jess talk about forgiveness. Easy to talk about…difficult to do, unless a change in behavior is permanent.  

We are excited that Ryan is excited that Jess is excited to see Dr. Joseph. 

Ryan admits to ‘frustration’ with the mismatch in their communication styles. Understatement.

Jess has been hurt by Ryan’s words. More understatement. 

Dr. Joseph tells Ryan he has to stop. Booyah.

Jess makes a ‘Not So Nice’ list of words that are hurtful. 

Wait…Ryan disagrees with stupid and selfish? Hmmm… 

They seal the deal with a smile and a kiss. Will we see a permanent change?

 Ryan and Jaclyn

Jaclyn leaves for her conference in FL and Ryan properly ignores her. Ouch.

After getting some sound advice from his buddies, Ry decides it’s time to face the Key West music. 

When Jac calls him out on his behavior, it leaves him speechless. 

The silent ride from the airport is even more awkward than the wedding. Yikes.

Jac feels Ryan withdrawing and is afraid to get her heart broken.

Ryan feels trapped, misses his life and starts putting up walls. What? 

He’s afraid to express his feelings for fear of hurting Jac. But in the end, gives her a heartfelt and sincere apology. 

Along with a communicative and romantical thrown in for good measure.

Is it enough to bring down the walls they have started to erect?

Sean and Davina

Sean and Davina continue to practice the two step forward and one step back move. 

They are focusing on themselves instead of each other and their relationship. 

Dr. Joseph brings out Davina’s video footage to give her an “aha” moment. 

I’m totally using the “do you think it’s possible” line Dr. Joseph uses on Davina. And my husband looks just like this when I do.  


Both Sean and Davina draw from their past experiences and are feeling unfairly rejected. 

Despite being two steps back, Sean and Davina try to build on common ground. 

Sean seems more open and relaxed. Davina is hoping for a transformation to connect on an intimate level. 

Is this a step in the right direction?

A Bee in My Bonnet

For this week’s “Bee” I reached out to Dr. Joseph Cilona for insight into his sessions with the couples. 

His critical lens is so encompassing, I had to give it it’s very own blogpost. 

You can read my full interview with him here:

A Critical Lens Into Married At First Sight Season 2 With Dr. Joseph Cilona