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Graham Bunn is Go Country 105’s Newest Morning Drive Host!

Yes! None other than THE Graham Bunn, most well known for his reality TV dating show appearances with The Bachelor franchise.

Graham admits he has not had relationship success on his stints with The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad or Bachelor in Paradise

However, he seems to have landed himself in a brand new relationship with LA’s @GoCountry105! We’re hoping this one will prove to be his longest lasting relationship yet!


Today, Monday, October 13th  marked Graham’s first gig on KKGO’s morning show, paired up with co-host Debra Mark. 
Graham has had many speaking engagements and guest appearances on AfterBuzz TV, so it isn’t any wonder his radio voice was as smooth as butter. 
In honor of their first day together, much of the show chatter was devoted to getting to know the new kids on the country block. 

What exactly did we learn about the new hosts?



  • Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Drives a big ole black truck around the streets of L.A.
  • Loves everything about country music, culture, fans, beverages
  • Used to play professional basketball (in Europe)
  • Is known the best for unsuccessfully dating on television
  • A Washington Redskins fan, but won’t discuss losses
  • USC and HUGE Lakers fan
  • Favorite movies: Braveheart, Gladiator, Pretty Woman (yes, he loves him some Julia Roberts)
  • Not a cat lover
  • Likes to grill dinner for a special occasion, specifically when entertaining a woman
  • Does not eat candy, other than at Halloween
  • Bad habit: Leaves damp towel on bed after showering
  • Loves going to the beach
  • Sexiest woman alive? Power: Hilary Clinton Looks: Alessandra Ambrosio Accent: Penelope Cruz


  • Born and raised in Southern CA
  • Lived in Northern CA doing radio for 6 years
  • Married with children
  • Loves to talk on the radio and loves great country music
  • UCLA and Clippers fan
  • HUGE animal lover
  • Dog named Lucky
  • Does animal rescue
  • Favorite movie: The Notebook, Shawschank Redemption
  • Likes getting up at 4:00am and avoiding LA traffic
  • Wants listeners to give suggestions on what they want for a morning show
  • Is a neat-freak
  • Can’t handle messy closets at home
  • Loves going to the beach

Source: Graham Bunn Instagram

Why would people download the app or click on the website to listen live to GoCountry105, when most have their own local country music station? 


It’s about having a moral compass on a morning show. For those of us who are tired of listening to the disrespectful, inappropriate, often filled with bad language, shows on our morning drive, this is a breath of sunny CA fresh air. Breathe in…breathe out…ahhhhhh!

Graham and Deborah were funny, entertaining and respectful. They talked about trending topics that kept listeners engaged in both conversation and great country music. And they were humorous! Like $4000 titanium toothbrushes and $1768 hamburgers humorous!

Twitterverse weighs in…


Tweets from friends and fans all over the country that tuned in:  


Many agree, Graham is hands down one of the best guys to grace the screens of reality TV. His charity work alone with TrueChangeProject46NYC, and AlexsLemonadeStand show how genuine his heart is. 

Congrats Graham! I am not an easy sell when it comes to radio, but you managed to win me over on your debut. This blogger is going to be listening to you keep it real every morning…all the way from Minnesota! 

Don’t miss out! Join us by clicking on the link below to listen to @GrahamBunn and @DebraMark1 on GoCountry105 from 6am-10am PST.

Click here now! GoCountry105

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  • Anonymous

    Country gentlemen, gorgeous hunk, sweet as pie, interesting, great conversationalist, over all nice guy. What better combination for a radio host on GoCountry105. Go Graham!!