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 Arie for Bachelor…Yes, Please!

This is the first time I have written a blog in support of someone as the lead in The Bachelor/ette. But for the sake of #bachelornation, I feel compelled.

Plain and simple…there just isn’t any other contestant that can come close to Arie Luyendyk Jr. as #TheBachelor. 

We need a guy with a bit of an edge. We need dynamic. We need hot, funny, exciting, entertaining, romantic, daring and humble. We need Arie. 

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Let’s face it, #TheBachelor franchise made a HUGE mistake choosing Juan Pablo as their lead last season. They can’t afford to make a repeat mistake. 

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They need to choose someone with a proven track record…pun intended. 

  • Arie has a huge fan base that has stood beside him for over 2 years and it continues to grow 
  • Arie has almost 3 times the followers on Twitter, 144K vs. Chris Soules 54K
  • Arie is ratings gold. Period. 
  • Arie can deliver the long-coveted Emmy to Mike Fleiss & Co
  • It’s what #bachelornation wants. Viewers=Ratings=$$$
Here is the most compelling piece of evidence…2.4K have Favorited his Tweet from July 29th that he is open, hopeful and more than ready to share his journey as The Bachelor. Seriously. That’s 2.4K
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At the end of Emily’s season, I made a video, 
“Arie and Emily Blind”.  I’m sharing it again 
now, because it is the epitome of every reason why Arie Luyendyk Jr. deserves to be the Bachelor more than anyone else. 

Arie’s heart is open, he’s more than ready to find love and 2.4K+  #bachelornation fans have spoken.
Let the journey begin!