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Jeremiah James Korfe Interview and BOB-FM Part 2

Country Rockin’ in the USA 

Jeremiah James Korfe, gifted singer, songwriter and musician, shares about his life and music career one-year post-reality TV show, Sweet Home Alabama. 

In part 2 of the BOB-FM interview, Jeremiah talks about the farming connection to his latest release, “Sun Up to Sun Down”, his upcoming plans for writing music in LA and Nashville and tells fans about an opportunity to be in the filming for his music video, “Fearless Gal”.

Looking to the future BOB FM Part 2:

Here are a few “behind the scene” tidbits about what Jeremiah is currently working on:

What inspired you to write this song Jeremiah? 

The song, “Sun Up to Sun Down”, I was just in the combine and all of a sudden I’m like, ‘sun up to sun down, me and my old man turn the ground’ and then the melody just came to me, the hooky progression. And off that, I started writing the rest around the chorus. The song features instrumentals by the guys in the country group Big and Rich.


Exactly what is a hooky progression? 

A hook is a musical or lyrical phrase that stands out and it’s catchy and memorable. It’s often the melody that grabs the ear of the listener. It’s a pretty essential part of writing music.

How can I hear this amazing song? 


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Once you hear it you will have to add it as part of your music collection! 
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What else are you currently working on?

We’re going to be shooting film for the “Fearless Gal” video.


How did you come up with the idea for the song, “Fearless Gal”

I was contacted by Don at Kruger Farms to write a song for his women’s clothing line, KF Fearless. I actually started with the chorus because I had a list of words that he wanted in the song. I have a couple of cousins that are really cute and fun and love being out in the country and doing country stuff. I also have a couple of buddies of mine, their wives and girlfriends are the same way and I was dating Paige at the time. So I looked at the whole grand picture of what my family does and what a country boy would want in a fearless woman and wrote the song around that. The song was actually recorded in Rascal Flatts studio.

Tell me about the “Fearless Gal” contest:

People would submit their pictures to Kruger Farms and tell us why they are fearless in the outdoors, it’s like, tell us your story. Then people voted basically on the pictures. The girl that won is a Minnesota girl, she was in the military, likes to hunt and fish, stuff like that. 

So the winner will be featured in your “Fearless Gal” music video?

Yeah. I’m writing the treatment for the music video to basically fit around her personality, who this fearless gal is, what makes her fearless. Then we’re going to start filming the video on the 25th and finish it on the 27th.

Pictures courtesy of Kruger Farms and Jeremiah James Korfe’s Facebook page.
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